Translation of hawker in Spanish:


vendedor ambulante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɔːkə//ˈhɔkər/


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    vendedor ambulante masculine
    vendedora ambulante feminine
    [ S ]no hawkers prohibida la venta ambulante
    • The city of Johannesburg is developing a programme to assist hawkers who sell food on the streets of the city.
    • Shopfronts and stalls were open, with hawkers shouting and displaying their wares for the crowds.
    • On the way out of the chamber afterwards several different party journals were being sold by hawkers.
    • The law forbids it, but these street hawkers slaughter animals and sell the meat to the poor.
    • Tickets were sold in advance for $45, but street hawkers were selling them for about $200.
    • The hawkers sell all and sundry: from handkerchiefs to electronic goods.
    • Nearly 25 per cent of the collected waste was sold to hawkers.
    • To meet the family's financial needs, his 19 year-old son quit school and now works as a hawker selling vegetables.
    • One day soon hawkers will be selling miniature plastic replicas outside.
    • Street corners are dotted with hawkers selling their pies hot from portable ovens.
    • Gradually market traders and hawkers moved in until eventually the tunnel became a seedy backwater.
    • The crowd swelled as the day progressed, to the great pleasure of hawkers selling eatables and tea.
    • City authorities will plan to wipe out the sight of beggars and hawkers selling flowers or newspapers at intersections.
    • At the resorts, hawkers sell designer replicas and reproductions to a ready eastern European market, as well as the growing number of Germans and British visitors.
    • A wide range of commodities ranging from fruits to light bulbs are sold by enterprising hawkers.
    • Hawkers came to sell their wares in small row boats near the cruise boats.
    • At the entrances to subway stations, hawkers who used to sell city maps have shifted their focus to the rain business.
    • Mehmood, their father, is a hawker selling odd food items.
    • The Municipality is not happy with hawkers who sell on street corners in the industrial area.
    • At night, it turns into a massive open air cafe area, with dozens of food hawkers selling a variety of food, from the traditional to the modern.