Translation of hay in Spanish:


heno, n.

Pronunciation /heɪ//heɪ/


  • 1

    heno masculine
    • The Wilsons feed the hogs corn, barley, oats and hay grown on their farm.
    • Fall is the perfect time of the year to start hay, especially timothy or other grasses.
    • When a field gets too weedy, Fred will seed it in grasses and turn it into pasture or hay.
    • Forage varieties can be drilled in May and just one harvest will provide three to six tons of high protein hay or silage.
    • Tractors cannot be used on land to convey fodder to feeding sites and farmers have to carry in hay or silage on their backs.
    • He advised farmers with surplus stock and a fodder shortage to purchase concentrate feed rather than hay.
    • There are organic sources for any and all nutrients you'll need to grow hay and pasture.
    • Most producers had moved cattle to pastures, with hay supplies very short.
    • He ran out of grass and began feeding cattle hay and other nutrients in August, a month earlier than usual.
    • Legume hay (such as alfalfa) typically has a greater calcium content than grass hay.
    • You also could mix grain or chopped hay with freshly chopped corn to lower the moisture content.
    • He is hoping people will donate fodder and hay for a convoy for those struggling to feed their stock.
    • Thousands of acres of corn and hay are planted each year for cattle to eat.
    • Here we plant a mixture of alfalfa and timothy, or alfalfa and orchard grass, as hay for horses or dairy cows.
    • The fruit is kept in a room for a day after harvest and thereafter, it is wrapped between layers of straw, grass, hay or paper.
    • Several producers have cut soybeans for hay or silage.
    • About three years ago, his cows began grazing mostly on pasture and were fed grain and hay over winter.
    • Some grass is grown on the farm for hay or silage, together with swede, turnip or kale for winter forage.
    • By the time we headed back to the palace, we smelled of horse manure and hay, with hay and grass sticking out from our hair and clothes.
    • We had somebody put our grass into square hay bales two or three years ago.