Translation of hazardous in Spanish:


peligroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhazədəs//ˈhæzərdəs/


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    hazardous substances sustancias peligrosas feminine
    • hazardous waste residuos peligrosos
    • Running away was less dangerous than rebellion, but it was still a hazardous enterprise.
    • Staying in a hot tub or hot spring too long may be very hazardous to your health.
    • Lightening is much more hazardous to the farmer working alone in his field than a person in a crowded city street.
    • He made a fantastic landing in hazardous conditions.
    • Trees used to be considered hazardous to farming, and in many cases they still are.
    • In the home garden it is now possible to substitute these highly toxic chemicals for ones that are less hazardous.
    • Just sitting down near an open window can be hazardous to your health.
    • Waste can harm the environment and be hazardous to wildlife.
    • A contractor will remove ragwort, which is hazardous to many animals.
    • Gale force winds made driving conditions hazardous and caused traffic chaos in parts of the region today.
    • He added that it would be wrong to assume that mobile phones were hazardous to human health.
    • Hairdressing is one of the occupations most hazardous to the skin.
    • Workers said yesterday that they were entitled to these wages because of the hazardous nature of their jobs.
    • Always clear up after a fireworks party - litter is hazardous to domestic and wild animals.
    • They replaced a decaying wooden Celtic cross that was in a dangerous and hazardous state.
    • He has been asked whether emissions from the refinery are hazardous to human health.
    • Much of the waste found on the beaches is fishing waste that can be extremely hazardous to wildlife.
    • The plan is to reduce the danger posed by hazardous hemlock trees which grow in abundance on the North Shore.
    • I will not explain the procedure since it may be hazardous to some motherboards.
    • At least one candidate in the election reports that campaigning has proven hazardous to his health.