Translation of head count in Spanish:

head count

recuento, n.

Pronunciation /hɛd kaʊnt//ˈhɛdkaʊnt/


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    (de personas) recuento masculine
    • For his part health minister Malcolm Chisholm suggests problems are more acute south of the Border and questions the BMA's arithmetic, arguing that a recent headcount showed an increase of 17 family doctors on the previous year.
    • The Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry recently released a headcount showing that only 20 percent of its members have reached the required threshold of female representation.
    • It includes a headcount of every person entering a place of worship in Kendal on a typical Sunday, and the researchers believe it is the first time that such an exercise has been carried out in Britain for 100 years.
    • According to headcounts conducted by his team at the junction of Hennessy Road and Arsenal Street, 149,000 people passed through.
    • The preliminary returns from Census 2000 show that the population of Sligo has gone up by 4.2% from the last headcount of the country in 1996.
    • Reports were taken on illegal taxation, in which villages were taxed either by headcounts on goats and sheep or by taking the livestock itself.
    • We begin this hour with headcounts, missed marks, and how the newest job figures are being employed in the fight over one job in particular.
    • But in the event, the funding system, based on the annual headcount of children in schools, rather than in other settings, had remained the same.
    • Oh, I haven't done a headcount, and for all I know there may be a 2 percent or a 5 percent margin of error on the Republican side.
    • I've never done a headcount, but my sense is it might even be half, and they range in all levels of experience.
    • Two sets of giant arches will span the width of Whitehall to ensure the headcount is accurate.
    • Every marriage pandal would have a bevy of babus doing a headcount of the invitees, the quantity of mutton, rice and sugar used for the preparations.
    • Attendence numbers were based on headcounts conducted at caucuses.
    • It would arrest the cutbacks in service facilities argued for on the basis of regional headcounts and infrastuctural potentials.
    • However, if I was the whip in charge of foundation hospitals, I'd be doing a new headcount pretty soon.