Translation of headgear in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛdɡɪə//ˈhɛdˌɡɪr/


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    they must wear the correct headgear deben llevar el sombrero (/ casco / gorro etc. ) indicado
    • Protective pads and headgear would be encouraged to reduce the amount of fatalities right off the bat.
    • He hadn't got on the mic, but he had removed his shirt, headgear and vest.
    • One of the most common things you see in boxers is amateur boxers wear helmets, or headgear, professionals don't.
    • The governor issued instructions to every district in the province to implement a revitalized campaign emphasizing the use of protective headgear for both driver and passenger on motorbikes.
    • The soldiers are smartly dressed: they were khaki uniforms, ornate red, yellow and black cummerbunds and matching collars, turbaned and tasselled headgear, and badges of the BSF.
    • Browning is said to have written back that he used it to mean a piece of headgear for nuns, comparable to the cowls for monks he put in the same line.
    • Conduct research into why senior rugby players choose not to wear headgear and whether wearing headgear alters behaviour.
    • He said that statistics from the provincial health office show that two people are killed every month from traffic accidents, and said that most cases involved motorbikes and drivers not wearing protective headgear.
    • Hordes of wrinkly Europeans, mostly without SS helmets or any other headgear come to that, driving motor scooters like hooligans which would get them locked up in the old country.
    • Clarke took off his helmet and donned the most treasured piece of headgear in Australian sport.
    • Generally, we advise premises to refuse entry to people wearing headgear that could be used as a weapon, such as crash helmets or headgear that conceals a person's age or identity.
    • The scene's Provencal location is also underscored by the artists' pointed straw hats, typical southern headgear, which Cezanne himself often wore.
    • Today the baseball cap, with the ship's names written on the front, has become casual - albeit a never formalised - piece of headgear aboard ship.
    • Hats, caps or other headgear can be worn to protect the head and face from being coloured with hard-to-rinse dyes.
    • Now, I am not suggesting there is another piece of headgear.
    • Magistrates said police were in difficulty that day because of protective uniforms and headgear, which the court was told restricted their vision and hearing.
    • There were four men aboard the boat, still wearing wet suits, including headgear.
    • The technique was commonly used for different kinds of headgear, such as caps, hoods, bonnets, hairnets and snoods, as well as for stockings, mittens, collars and sashes.
    • The first time he had laid eyes on her, she was in her sweatpants and t-shirt, talking with the kickboxing coach, already suited up, with gloves and protective headgear.
    • It is advised that protective headgear and clothing be worn.