Translation of headmaster in Spanish:


director (de colegio), n.

Pronunciation /hɛdˈmɑːstə//ˌhɛdˈmæstər/


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    director (de colegio) masculine
    • The students and the headmaster at the boys-only grammar school backed his stand.
    • It was further alleged that a council should be found vicariously liable for the negligence of a headmasters and teachers' advisory centre for not assessing and referring the cases concerned in the proper manner.
    • So far former teachers, headmasters and farmers have been interviewed for the project.
    • That night we had dinner with the headmaster and vice headmasters (1 school president and 3 vice presidents).
    • Now all the naïve parents and teachers, including the headmasters and mistresses, can see what your ‘darling’ children are up too.
    • At that moment Mr Hill's active and fulfilling life as a headmaster of a leading secondary school senselessly ended.
    • I really enjoyed it and it was wonderful meeting my old headmaster and old class teacher.
    • The documentary, besides focusing on the history of the institution, which has over 4,000 boys on its rolls, also includes interfaces with former teachers, headmasters and old boys of the institution.
    • Regional party secretaries, headmasters and teachers were forced to wear placards confessing their crimes as a ‘counter-revolutionary revisionist element’.
    • The headmaster of Settle High School criticised parents who kept their distance from the school.
    • It could perfectly well be a professor of divinity, or the headmaster of a public school.
    • However the headmaster of the High School that Alice attended was much less supportive.
    • When we got there, there was a long hallway with portraits of the past headmasters and headmistresses hanging on the walls and an oak doorway at the end of the hall.
    • I practically have my own chair waiting outside the headmaster's office.
    • An emergency meeting of Skipton school headmasters and managers met to discuss an outbreak of measles in the town.
    • And like at school, the headmaster and his associates want to make sure everyone is on best behaviour.
    • The students were mostly of revolutionary stock while most of the teachers, especially the headmaster, were royalists.
    • Born in Lancashire, the son of the headmaster of Ripon Grammar School, Peter studied art at Leeds School of Art.
    • I talked to her teachers and the headmaster, but although they were sympathetic, they didn't seem interested.
    • Congratulations to the headmaster and teachers for staging the event, it was magical.