Translation of headrest in Spanish:


reposacabezas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛdrɛst//ˈhɛdˌrɛst/


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    reposacabezas masculine
    apoyacabezas masculine
    • These curvy white babies are rounded and pod-like, with padded red handles, blue headrests and orange seats.
    • They are very effective, simple to use and compatible with headrests and seats in cars, planes, buses and trains.
    • I looked over to see his red head propped up on the headrest of the lounge chair.
    • Jason slung an arm casually over the headrest of the bus chair.
    • It works as a proper estate, with rear seats whose headrests retract, whose cushions flip forward and whose backrests fold down in one continuous, interconnected movement.
    • I stuck it on the headrest on the passenger seat, to keep me company.
    • East Lancashire rail passengers will arrive refreshed thanks to a blend of aromatherapy oils in their seat headrests.
    • Trying to calm myself, I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to Eddie, one hand on the dashboard and one on the headrest of my seat.
    • In the headrest of the seat in front was a television.
    • I was staring out the windshield when I noticed his arm rising up in the air and slowly inching behind the headrest of my seat.
    • The vehicle also has a breakaway pedal assembly and the seats and headrests are designed to lessen the chances of whiplash injury.
    • So I recently arrived in the US for a prolonged stay and there was a TV in the headrest of the seat ahead of me on the flight over.
    • With the roof open, wind disturbance is reasonable and much reduced when the fabric windbreak is put in place between the seat headrests.
    • It could be an entertaining one too with the optional TV screens built into the front headrests, enabling back seat passengers amuse themselves with DVDs or video games.
    • He once again ran his hands through his hair and leaned his head back on the headrest of his chair for a moment.
    • He reached over the headrest of the seat and pulled Reid's arms back, trying to restrain him.
    • There is also a glass draught panel between the seat headrests.
    • Another option is to design headrests that disappear when not needed.
    • I muttered out a thank you, and rode in silence, glaring holes into the headrest of Tomas's seat
    • On the entertainment side, the luxury rear seat entertainment system allows occupants to play DVDs using screens mounted in the front seat headrests.