Translation of heads-up in Spanish:


despierto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛdˌzəp//ˈhɛdzʌp/



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    (before noun) despierto
    (before noun) espabilado
    (before noun) despabilado



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    dato masculine
    to give sb the heads-up on sth poner a algn al corriente / al tanto de algo
    • thanks for the heads-up gracias por la información
    • I'm going to advance you into time and just give you a heads-up for what the future holds.
    • That's been fixed - and thanks for the heads-up, Steven.
    • ‘It was a heads-up for everyone at the university’, says Holden, and these changes are part of the university's obligation to staff and students.
    • Recapturing those youthful powers in certain anatomical areas have landed them right back, smack dab, in the morass of their relationship problems… in which a heads-up of a different sort is called for.
    • They'll drive in from your left to your right there shortly and I'll be able to give you a heads-up here as soon as that bus starts moving closer to the aircraft.
    • As the date for the release gets closer, I'll have more details, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.
    • And I'd have missed it entirely if our architecture critic hadn't passed along a heads-up.
    • I know you've mentioned Stephen's many bands on your site before so I thought you would like a heads-up, in case you weren't already aware.
    • Thanks a million, D, for those links, and for the heads-up.
    • The security measures taken by the Capitol Police last week supposedly was in response to the orange alert, which affected the financial district, and we weren't given a heads-up on that.
    • Thanks to Anita Campbell for the heads-up on this report.
    • Thanks to a heads-up from reader Fred Manzo, I've read Kurtz's piece - and there's not one damn thing in it I hadn't already read in the last week.
    • Can anyone seriously believe that when the investigations began to happen, nobody gave the operatives a heads-up?
    • I'm up to 7 now, with 2 more to go next week and still looking for ads or other heads-ups about Assistant Professors in Cell or Molecular Biology or Biochemistry.
    • Thanks to Damian Penny for the heads-up on this.
    • You can subscribe to their newsletter for a heads-up on new manifestos every two weeks.
    • And can we get a heads-up on when they're being applied and when they're not?
    • Thanks to multiple commenters below for the heads-up.
    • I'm struggling with it myself, but it probably is a good heads-up for us as a society, we need to watch over our kids, and, as a society, we need to watch over each other.
    • But with such high expectations, some anticipate at least a handful of negative heads-ups as we enter the earnings-warning season this month.