Translation of health certificate in Spanish:

health certificate

certificado de buena salud, n.


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    certificado de buena salud masculine
    • She added that one of their suppliers does not deliver to anyone without a health certificate but there is no such certificate in Ireland.
    • The agency has 12 of the 82 cattle listed on the Canadian health certificate definitely accounted for and is continuing to try and trace back the origin and fate of the remaining animals.
    • Additional vaccinations, heartworm testing, preventative medication, and/or a health certificate may be needed for interstate travel.
    • They had also been warned by immigration experts of the dangers that it would create demand for forged health certificates in countries such as Botswana or Zimbabwe.
    • He organised our travel documents and a false health certificate saying that I was just five months gone with twins.
    • The arrested man was unable to produce any proof of origin or health certificates for the 700 frozen geese.
    • The Department has not issued any health certificates in relation to horses declared for slaughter.
    • While companion animals can travel freely between state lines it's still a good idea to carry a health certificate (issued by your veterinarian) and rabies vaccination certificate.
    • Since Monday, travelers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and the Canadian metropolis of Toronto must bring valid health certificates and be monitored for 10 days after entry either in transit hotels or in homes.
    • Export health certificates for live poultry and hatching eggs will be withdrawn.
    • Rules also state that a health certificate is necessary whenever the animal needs to be transported.
    • We keep good records of who ships in and out, and we were being even more strict during that time with health certificates, because of the possible cases of strangles at that time.
    • Emily will need a health certificate from France to return home and she will have to go through quarantine again on entering the United States, Palarski said.
    • A boarding stable should have a contract that requires a current negative Coggins test and health certificate.
    • EU directives allow animals to move freely throughout member states as long as they have the necessary health certificates.
    • Turfway Park officials announced that, beginning Wednesday, all horses shipping into or out of Turfway Park will be required to show a current health certificate issued within 24 hours of arriving or leaving the track.
    • The only reason he allowed me back to training was because the doctor gave me a clean health certificate!
    • This figure was collected from clinics nationwide that issue health certificates to migrant workers.
    • You need no tickets, visas, travellers' cheques, health certificates or painful injections.
    • Few people paid real attention to that, nor did the organizers make any effort to check the participants' health certificates or insurance policies.