Translation of hear in Spanish:


oír, v.

Pronunciation /hɪr//hɪə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (explosion/music/sound) oír
    sorry, I can't hear a word you're saying perdona pero no te oigo bien
    • I heard you go/going out te oí salir/cuando salías
    • did I hear somebody mention coffee? ¿alguien habló de / mencionó café?
    • did you hear what I said? ¿oíste lo que dije?
    • now hear this presten atención
    • to hear her (talk), you'd think … cualquiera que la oyera creería que …
    • I've heard it said that … he oído decir que …
    • he was heard to say that … se le oyó decir que …
    • As Claire walked into the main corridor, she heard voices that sounded not too far off.
    • A neighbour reported hearing a thud that sounded like a garbage bag being dropped.
    • He may be willing to listen but will he hear anything that's said?
    • This may sound cruel but I hear catcalls and people pick on me enough outside my family home.
    • If he does not listen, the only other way to be heard is at the ballot box in November.
    • She complains that I don't talk to her and then she wonders why I get so angry because she never listens or hears anything I say.
    • Five minutes after that I heard seven bangs which sounded like firecrackers.
    • It is through the use of pictures, sounds, and hearing the language on a daily basis that helps them to learn.
    • Perhaps they enjoy hearing me sound all ratty and scratchy, trying to be polite in the name of friendship.
    • I've never heard anyone with a sound scientific background argue that it's better for you.
    • At that very moment, she hears some familiar sounds and feels some movement behind her back.
    • It helped her hear some vowel sounds in the lower frequencies, but that was all.
    • Her voice was so quite that he almost didn't hear her over the sound of the river.
    • The roaring and crashing sounds she had heard the night before had not stopped either.
    • It is at that point that his mantra changes from a selfish need to be heard to actually listening.
    • If you haven't heard the sound clip you really have to get with the programme.
    • The children learn to open their hearts and to really listen to others and be heard by them.
    • They've been hearing the sound bites from the government ministers and also from the farmers.
    • At 16 he awoke to his country's indigenous sounds after hearing traditional music played at his father's funeral.
    • James stood there listening the whole time but only heard half the conversation.
    • The Ivorians seemed willing to be heard, but none of them seemed willing to listen.
    • Humans cannot generate or hear the high frequency sound waves generated by bats.
    • And yet it still sounded remarkable to hear the words that came yesterday.
    • It knows the difference between listening and hearing.
    • The noise of the blast has left him struggling to hear high frequency sounds.
    • Whilst we were talking, we heard a sort of sound between a yelp and a bark.
    • I remember hearing the bus driver sounding his horn as if he was angry.
    • She stumbled out of the way just as she heard the voice, sounding quite irritated.
    • Anna started to speak to me again, and I listened, nodding, although not really hearing anything she had to say.
  • 2

    (get to know)
    I heard it on the radio lo oí / me enteré por la radio
    • unless you hear anything to the contrary, I'll be there a menos que te avise, estaré allí
    • from what I hear, they are coming según parece, vendrán
    • I've heard so much about you me han hablado tanto de ti
    • one doesn't hear much nowadays about … hoy en día casi no se oye hablar de …
    • have you heard the latest? ¿sabes la última?
    • I hear that you are leaving he oído que / me he enterado de que te vas
    • he's very ill, I hear me han dicho que está muy enfermo
    • I did hear from someone that … alguien me dijo que …
    • I haven't yet heard whether I've got the job todavía no me han dicho si me dan el trabajo
    • What about lab technicians who are rarely heard of but whose competence can be a matter of life or death?
    • You probably haven't even heard of some of these people but we had a great time.
    • Dad ignores daughter if he passes her in the street and she wishes they had never heard of the Lottery.
    • This is when all the people who don't give a toss or haven't heard of the scandal are still behind you.
    • I've never heard of a swimming pool anywhere in the world that has banned backstroke.
    • I have never heard of this before and wondered whether it could help the problem.
    • After games he would drink just water to rehydrate himself before we had even heard of doing that.
    • I have not heard of a single new urban transport plan for the town which would make any difference.
    • By far the most common reaction is that they have never heard of him, he doesn't even register.
    • The wife has arthritis and she went up to her specialist but he had never heard of it as a cure.
    • If they haven't heard of the campaign, this will tell them what they need to know.
    • I'm the guy who makes part four and part five of movies where you haven't heard of the first one.
    • It is fair bet that like millions of Americans you never heard of any of this.
    • They certainly did not expect a choir most of them had never heard of to leapfrog them into third spot.
    • They say the proposed change will associate them with a place most people have never even heard of.
    • Few people outside the industry had heard of him and that's the way he liked it.
    • If you have heard of all three, you will realise just how truly irreplaceable John Peel is.
    • I would like to ask him when was the last time he heard of a fox-hunter tucking into a tasty meal of fox stew?
    • Just occasionally I hear a song by an artist I have never heard of that sticks in my mind for days.
    • We set up our site five years ago when many businesses hadn't even heard of e-commerce.
  • 3

    (listen to)
    • 3.1

      (broadcast/lecture/views) escuchar
      (broadcast/lecture/views) oír
      I hear you ya te entiendo
      • Fr Rolfe will be hearing confessions today hoy confesará el padre Rolfe
      • to hear mass oír misa
      • Lord, hear our prayer Señor, escucha nuestra oración

    • 3.2Law

      (case) ver
      (charge) oír
      • Accordingly I rule that this court has jurisdiction to hear this case against all defendants.
      • It was pointed out that all other common law jurisdictions hear such cases in jury courts.
      • Four Scottish judges, sitting without a jury, are hearing the case.
      • Three appeal court judges will hear the case on March 31 as he launches his fight against the conviction.
      • To hear cases, the judges sit in Chambers of seven, appointed on a rotating basis from within each Section.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I couldn't hear for a while me quedé un rato sin poder oír
  • 2

    (get news)
    tener noticias
    to hear about sth/sb
    • I heard about it through Doris me enteré por Doris
    • I heard about the problems they were having me enteré de los problemas que tenían
    • have you heard about Sally? te has enterado de lo de Sally?
    • to hear from sb
    • I haven't heard from them for months hace meses que no sé nada de ellos / que no tengo noticias suyas
    • we're still waiting to hear from the States seguimos esperando noticias de los Estados Unidos
    • you'll be hearing from us in a couple of weeks dentro de unas semanas nos pondremos en contacto con usted
    • If we could absorb the significance and importance of every death we heard about in the news then we would be unable to function.
    • We have heard about investment but what about investment in pensioners?
    • Every time I talk to or hear of anyone studying anything at all, I get jealous.
    • I sent an email to the minister informing him that I expect to hear of his resignation in coming days.
    • She had not gone to work because she had heard about the bombs on the news.
    • We often hear of private records being dumped illegally or information being stolen.
    • The Duchess of York, who is an old friend of Murray and knows her as Jeffa, said she was delighted to hear of the explorers' safe rescue.
    • He had first heard about the investigation on the radio and contacted the police.
    • She told her husband about the incident the next day and he told her he had heard about the killing on the news and urged her to contact the police.
    • I decided to investigate, using an experiment I'd heard about in New York City.
    • We only heard about the scandal at the Sheffield clinic on the news.
    • Most employees arriving for work early today had only heard about the merger on the early morning news.
    • I heard about this on the news on the radio on Friday, but didn't have the time to look any further into it at that point.
    • If anyone has more information, I would be most interested to hear of it.
    • The mask, in a private collection, was unknown to researchers until Coe heard about it last year.
    • However, just about every murder case we hear of in the news involves a religious murderer.
    • I suspect we will hear of more research like this as mobile-phone using cohorts in the population age.
    • This is the first question my friends asked me when they heard about the trip.
    • The next news they heard about Belinda was a phone call in 1997 informing them she had been arrested.
    • Many people saw things as they were reported on the TV news, or heard about them on the radio as they drove along.