Translation of heartbreaking in Spanish:


desgarrador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑːtbreɪkɪŋ//ˈhɑrtˌbreɪkɪŋ/


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    (news/sight/experience) desgarrador
    • Realising that within the framework of a tender and heartbreaking love affair, is a very special achievement.
    • John, faced with a heartbreaking decision no five-year-old should ever have to make, chose his father.
    • I've seen it happen more than once to some very dear, sweet people, and it's really heartbreaking to watch.
    • It has been absolutely heartbreaking to have it cancelled each time.
    • Instead they brought heartbreaking news of the death of a son, a father, a brother or some other loved one.
    • As I read, the writer elaborated on the material with heartbreaking tales of his family life.
    • It was amazingly difficult and heartbreaking but he never gave up.
    • It's heartbreaking to see people dying of such curable and treatable diseases.
    • It is very heartbreaking to now know my mum would probably be alive if the police had done a proper investigation first time around.
    • This sequence is especially heartbreaking, as the screaming little girl is carried away to die.
    • It's tragic and heartbreaking, but it should not be considered a point of debate.
    • Speaking as a father of a young son and a daughter, I find this heartbreaking and tragic.
    • It was so heartbreaking to see lots of people traumatised by the war and living in bombed out buildings.
    • Losing her at Christmas is bad, but the presents were heartbreaking.
    • David is here to talk about living with a heartbreaking loss, and he will take your calls.
    • Is it heartbreaking to have an entire prison population reject your lasagna?
    • They encouraged him to think he could return home as a star; by the time he left, his yearning was heartbreaking.
    • The couple then had to break the heartbreaking news to Sarah's brother, who was travelling in Australia.
    • Some stories told to her by families are heartbreaking and it is hard not to become emotionally involved.
    • That chapel remains one of the most heartbreaking sights in England.
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    (task/work) descorazonador