Translation of heartland in Spanish:


centro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑrtˌlænd//ˈhɑːtland/


  • 1

    centro masculine
    the invaders pressed on into the heartland los invasores siguieron avanzando hacia el interior
    • Africans tended to retain reserves in the heartlands of their old, conquered chiefdoms - the areas most suitable for their systems of agricultural and pastoral production.
    • Why, in the heartland of Central Canada, where trains are allegedly a reasonable means of transportation, aren't train stations not dives?
    • It has been greatest in the ancient heartlands of civilization in the Mediterranean Basin, western and central Asia, and China, and least in the polar desert.
    • How did a former potato field in the English heartland come to be the site of four of the past five European Ryder Cups?
    • The rich and layered contemporary soundscapes owe less to the Celtic fringes than to England's northern heartlands.
    • It could mean only one thing: that the forces of the revolution were going for another big push, in the hope of bursting through the strong Army lines of the region and storming the heartlands of Trace.
    • For most of the past two millennia, the carpet heartlands have been in turmoil, raked by battles, invasions and migrations.
    • Such urban novels were doubly marginalised, as Scottish within a British context, and as urban within a context which identified rural, Gaelic and Scots-speaking areas as the heartland of the nation.
    • ‘The Taliban has lost its morale,’ he said, speaking by satellite phone from the heartlands of Zabul province, a Taliban redoubt.
    • The period saw the establishment of Arab Muslim rule over the heartlands of the Middle East and preparation for conquests and expansion carried out under subsequent dynasties.
    • It was Namangani's first attempt to strike out from his mountain hideouts to the strategic heartland of Central Asia, the fertile, densely populated Ferghana Valley basin.
    • When reinforcements streamed from the heartland of Tavisnane to support beleaguered garrisons, the people of the towns and cities they left behind rose up to reclaim their walls.
    • The 2003 challenge in areas ranging from urban heartlands to rural outposts attracted record entries of almost 100.
    • Meanwhile, American intelligence has not yet detected signs of coordination between the Sunni rebellion in Iraq's heartland and the Shiite insurgency.
    • Carty's work had taken him to many homes throughout the rural heartlands of the electoral area over many years.
    • During the prime of the Roman Republic, roughly the last two centuries B.C., it served as a northern boundary protecting the heartland of Italy and the city of Rome from its own imperial armies.
    • The Cameronian heartlands were to be one of the first areas to experience ‘Improvement’.
    • It seems that forked blades might have first originated in Sanxingdui and were exported eastward to the central heartland.
    • How did there come to be so many Buddhists living in Kalmykia, an Ireland-sized region on Europe's eastern edge, thousands of miles from the religion's Asian heartland?
    • Each of these powers flourished in a Mackinder heartland (the core area of Eurasia) and saw its destiny in mercantilist imperial expansion.