Translation of heathen in Spanish:


pagano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhiðən//ˈhiːð(ə)n/


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    pagano masculine
    pagana feminine
    • Biblical pundits call them heathens, primitives or worse; we call ourselves Pagans.
    • I never go where the Pagans go and I never do what the heathen do.
    • I think it's got to be - I think the key for politics right now is for politicians to recognize that their God is the one true God, and that all others are heathens and/or pagans and should be scorned.
    • To her, a Pagan is a heathen, a Satanist, an evildoer.
    • Pagan followers can go by the title of witches, Druids, heathens or shamans, and some adhere to the tradition of Wicca.
    • Whether the spouses are Hindus or Muslims, Christians or Parsis, pagans or heathens, is wholly irrelevant in the application of these provisions.
    • I am no witch, no heathen; I simply have a clear eye, an eye that is clearer than any human I have encountered.
    • The Republic declared itself as belonging to the order of Nature; it had rebelled against the old Christian God and had so declared itself heathen, ‘pagan’.
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    + plural verb the heathen los infieles
    • We have accepted the notion that we must make our faith credible, reasonable, acceptable, and understandable, so that the grossest heathen might make sense of it and then reject it.
    • Ahasuerus is the prototype of the worst kind of king: a heathen who gathers possessions and wastes them, for his royal glory and the splendor and pomp of his majesty.
    • If I get any of the various jobs which are not at places of worship, then I'll remain a heathen.
    • Over a million of us are either not Christians, are a part of some other faith, are heathens, or are Christians who interpret the Bible in a very different way from some members in this Chamber.
    • For many missionaries the distinctions between a heathen and a Christian Islander were as strong as those between a lapsed and a Christian European.
    • He looked as if he could do with a hearty meal, and I sadly acknowledged that he was probably starving, as many of these poor heathen had been this last winter.
    • The medieval Europeans divided the world between Christian and heathen, but heathens could convert to Christianity.
    • God, he said, if you make me a rich man I'll spend all my time and all my wealth converting faithless heathens and praising your name.
    • The unbeliever, the heathen will not be judged because they did not hear of Christ, but because they have refused the knowledge that was given to them about God and did not pursue it.
    • How could you allow this heathen to insult me so, in my own house, on this, the day of my birth?
    • The brochure promises hell for heathens and salvation through Christ.
    • But sssh, we shouldn't talk about those heathens during a Christian festival!
    • Until the age of 16 I attended church regularly, became a Sunday School teacher, and was so fervent, even wanted to become a Missionary in order to spread the Word to the heathens of the world.
    • Lost heathen, noble savage, bloodthirsty warrior, dying race, peaceful ecologist - such images have followed one another through the last four centuries.
    • As Kailey made her way to the ornate door, she heard her father hiss to her brother, ‘James, watch that heathen, make sure that he does not leave this room, nor your sight.’
    • My brother and I, were raised, as my grandma puts it, as heathens.
    • Monotheism leads to wars because everyone presumes their god/ goddess gives them the divine right against all other heathens.


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