Translation of heather in Spanish:


brezo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛðər//ˈhɛðə/


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    brezo masculine
    • They do not need a wall and are happy to scramble over heathers, conifers, trees or hedges.
    • Rhododendrons, most heathers, camellias, pieris, skimmia, citrus and many others must have acid soil.
    • Have you ever investigated all the available varieties of heaths and heathers?
    • Containers can be given a new lease of life by replacing these plants with autumn and winter specimens such as pansies, winter-flowering heathers, hardy cyclamen and evergreen ivies.
    • You can use a combination of plants: primulas, cyclamen, heathers and ivy are all useful for winter colour.
    • Around the rock rested an expansive wreath of heathers and rhododendrons.
    • This is beautifully landscaped and laid out so the customer can see what the heathers, conifers and shrubs he is planning to buy will look like in a garden.
    • Asters look fabulous combined with gold variegated trailing ivies and heathers with lime-green or flame coloured foliage.
    • Skimmias also like to grow in slightly acid soil, making them superb companions for the heathers and ivies of your choice.
    • Tolerant of cold winds and frost, its height makes it an ideal pot plant in a mixed bed of carpeting heathers and ground-covering conifers.
    • Groundcover plantings of smoky mauve heathers come alive in spring with surrounding sweeps of cobalt blue grape hyacinths.
    • Its edge sliced the crisp air, graceful as its owner that stepped and leapt, feral across the ground, through the low purple heathers and verdant mosses.
    • Litter is a foreign word and the flower beds are immaculate as the heathers and shrubs thrive in the winter weather with the daffodils lurking beneath the surface.
    • A third of it is open heathland, carpeted with purple heathers and spotted yellow with gorse.
    • ‘It's ideal for plants that are acid lovers, such as rhododendron, azaleas and heathers, and it's also weed-free,’ he said.
    • We especially liked the colorful heathers and the brilliant Japanese maples.
    • Another simple and instant solution would be to plant up twin containers with a combination of dwarf conifers and winter-flowering heathers that come in every shade from white through pink to dark red.
    • Also, who is a good supplier of a variety of heathers that give a display all year round?
    • In February and March, heathers and hellebores kick off Annemarie's garden's flowering season, which continues until late in the year.
    • It's a shared space and has heathers, ferns, gorse and many wild flowers (not at this time of year) growing on it.