Translation of heave in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /hiv//hiːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(move with effort)

      he heaved himself off the floor se levantó del suelo haciendo un gran esfuerzo
      • we heaved the box onto the shelf con esfuerzo logramos subir la caja al estante
      • I've been heaving bricks all day he estado cargando ladrillos todo el día

    • 1.2(informal) (throw)

      • Barry then heaved the ball at Haywood, and Haywood throw a punch at Barry.
      • Dom and Dara exchanged a worried glance before pitching in; heaving rocks left and right.
      • If you want to reach the disaffected youths who take to the streets to heave bricks at the police, you need to have a dialogue.
      • She gave half a shrug, and heaved her friend's ‘inadequate’ duffel bag out of the car.
      • A young hoodlum heaves a brick through the window of a baker's shop.
      • James grabbed the back of Savage's shirt and heaved him away from the guns, tossing him into the middle of the room.
      • She heaved the feather light envelope across the room, tossing the box with it.
      • He grabs the boy by the collar of his shirt and heaves him across the room, sending him sliding into a table.
      • Every day in every way there's enough to make one throw the newspaper across the room, heave a brick at the television set.
      • For some unknown reason I ended up heaving a cast iron bathtub through a house in Burslem on Saturday.
      • Hot coffee revived her slightly and she heaved the new suitcase on to the pale bed-cover and flung back the lid.
      • What is the specific legislation under which, if, a 15-year old boy heaves a brick in somebody's window and he has done it many times before, he might end up in detention?
      • So he heaved a brick though the glass and grabbed it.

  • 2

    to heave a sigh suspirar
    • he heaved a sigh of relief suspiró aliviado

intransitive verb

  • 1

    jalar Latin America Southern Cone
    we heaved and heaved but couldn't lift it hicimos mucha fuerza pero no lo pudimos levantar
    • heave! (encouraging, urging, expressing surprise, incredulity, stop joking, you're kidding) ¡dale!
    • to heave at sth tirar de algo
    • to heave on a rope/line tirar de una cuerda/un cable
  • 2

    (rise and fall)
    his chest heaved respiraba agitadamente
    • the ship heaved up and down in the swell el barco subía y bajaba con la marejada
  • 3

    (chest/bosom) palpitante
    (sobs) convulsivo
    (molten lava/tar pit) bullente
    she fought her way through the heaving throng of people se abrió paso a través del hormiguero de gente
  • 4informal

    hacer arcadas
  • 5

    (ship) virar
    the harbor hove into sight el puerto apareció ante nuestra vista


  • 1

    (pull) tirón masculine
    (pull) jalón masculine Latin America Southern Cone
    (push) empujón masculine
    (effort) esfuerzo masculine
    give it another heave empujen/tiren (/ jalen etc. ) otra vez

    para mover algo

  • 2slang

    the heaves náuseas
    • it gives me the heaves me da ganas de vomitar