Translation of heaven in Spanish:


cielo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛv(ə)n//ˈhɛvən/


  • 1

    • 1.1(place)

      cielo masculine
      Granny's in heaven/gone to heaven la abuelita está en el cielo/se ha ido al cielo
      • The idea of a perfect Heaven must be caused by something greater than the idea itself.
      • To her that was a sign from Heaven that she had to care for the child the rest of her life.
      • They knew that to close their eyes on the scenes of life, was to open them in Heaven.
      • Then the world will see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven.
      • Speculating about Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil is an absurd and pointless act.
      • Paul would never approve of someone taking a few lines from his letter and treating them as a ticket to Heaven.
      • You can now hope for a perfect inheritance beyond the power of change and decay, reserved in Heaven for you.
      • By His precious blood a road was made from Heaven to earth, by which God could come down to man.
      • At his death, he was unable to again access to Heaven because of his meanness.
      • From his position in Heaven above and beyond the universe, God sits not only as creator but also as judge.
      • When His work on earth was completed, Jesus returned to Heaven to be with His Father.
      • If we believe our religion is the only way to Heaven, then we must also affirm that all other paths lead to Hell.
      • We shall all be united in Heaven one day, and there we shall praise one true God for eternity.
      • Now if I were to see them again in Heaven I would want them to be how I remembered them but who wants to be old in Heaven?
      • In Heaven he was introduced to Indra, who enrolled him in his heavenly workshops.
      • To me Heaven exists as the stars and hell seems like the dark recesses of our minds.
      • It sounds like we have been given a free ticket to Heaven, and that is exactly what God has given us.
      • Allah has created this world so that we could enter Heaven by following the path of truth.
      • It does not have the concept of a Saviour, nor of Heaven and Hell in the popular sense.
      • I would like to think that she was watching me from her flowery garden up in Heaven with all her close relatives.

    • 1.2archaic (God)

      Dios masculine
      el Cielo
      • But heaven help anyone who writes this line-up off this time next year.
      • But heaven surely knows, that packages and bows can never heal a hurting human soul.
      • And heaven help the sanity of the people who listen to it longer than it takes to switch it off.

  • 2

    cielo masculine
    the brightest star in the heavens la estrella más brillante del cielo
    • She then gazed upwards into the starlit night sky that blanketed the heavens above.
    • They had seen his star in the heavens and followed it to Jerusalem and then onto Bethlehem.
    • All of the thirteen kingdoms had been graced with a stone, and a crystal and a star in the heavens.
    • She wondered if maybe her mother had not become one of the innumerable stars in the heavens.
    • He could never know what she had wished for as the stars fell from the heavens to earth.
  • 3

    (as intensifier)
    (good) heavens! ¡Dios mío!
    • did you vote for him? — (good) heavens, no! ¿votaste por él? — ¿estás loca?
    • by heaven! ¡por Dios!
    • how in heaven did you do it? ¿cómo diantres lo hiciste?
    • I hope to heaven they find her ¡Dios quiera que la encuentren!
  • 4informal

    how was your vacation? — it was heaven ¿qué tal las vacaciones? — divinas / sensacionales informal
    • As thoughts turn to food, we come upon the market stalls, where my kebab-shop heaven is suddenly made manifest.
    • She is careful to look at every flower, every tree, as she dances gracefully across the heaven of green.
    • No one comes back - face up to what's gong on around you because this is the only heaven or hell you're going to experience.
    • Swimming around in deep blue oceans is my idea of heaven.
    • If that's their idea of heaven then I'd opt for downstairs with the sinners.
    • The city was a very heaven for such Beatles and Stones fans, and the experience put a spell on their music that is still audible.
    • My idea of chocolate heaven is anything with hazelnut praline. Mmmmm.
    • The ills of overcrowding are relieved by escape into a computer-generated heaven, of open skies and rolling fields.
    • By casting them out of their land, we were making them leave their heaven behind.
    • When the sun sets, a candelit dinner for two at the trendiest four-star restaurant is your idea of heaven.
    • It is tempting to view the Last Night of the Proms as William Blake's idea of heaven.
    • The corollary of this is that meditation provides an experience of heaven.
    • A beach, a book and an endless shoreline with nary a soul in sight pretty much sums up my idea of heaven here on Earth.
    • After making new mates on our bus ride we ended up in our skate heaven.
    • We had to give them a style and grooming makeover, which I modelled on James Bond - my idea of heaven.
    • I've long since stopped staying in Byron itself, but the surrounds remain my heaven on a stick.
    • We then turned the car towards the retail heaven that is IKEA.
    • Where they saw scaffolding and cement-mixers, I saw a light-filled heaven.
    • For weeks, this grassy place was her heaven and she loved him for it.
    • The joy and beauty that pervade the show make the theatre a heaven of its own.