Translation of heavily in Spanish:


pesadamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛvəli//ˈhɛvɪli/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (move/fall/tread) pesadamente
      (press/push) con fuerza
      a heavily laden truck un camión con una carga muy pesada
      • he was heavily built era corpulento / de aspecto fornido
      • a heavily fortified/defended town una ciudad muy bien fortificada/con muy buenas defensas
      • The door closed heavily behind Lawrence.
      • He fell very heavily on his, erm, backside.
      • Dr. Lawrence was strolling at a leisurely pace, leaning rather heavily on his walking stick.
      • He went down heavily, but amazingly was up on his feet at the count of two smiling at the referee and calling Tyson in.

    • 1.2(loudly)

      to breathe heavily (with exertion) resoplar

    • 1.3(thickly)

      (underlined) con trazo grueso
      the paint has been very heavily applied se ha aplicado una capa muy gruesa de pintura
      • she was heavily made-up iba muy maquillada

  • 2

    • 2.1(copiously)

      (rain/snow) mucho
      • Newer media tend to grow from, or expand out of, older media; television drew heavily upon radio and film.
      • The cut to her shin was small, but was bleeding heavily.
      • The company invested heavily in advertising to modernise its staid image.
      • The bacterial outbreak was attributed to the use of heavily diluted disinfectant.
      • I am lobbying pretty heavily for a spicy cranberry jelly from a jar.
      • Now he is about to send heavily armed SDF troops there.
      • The victim suffered a badly cut mouth, which was bleeding heavily, two broken teeth and a bruised eye.
      • The city was heavily shelled during the war in the early 90s and is still struggling to recover.
      • A host of community groups have already heavily booked the vehicle to venues across the State.
      • By the way, if you do see him, these very nice, yet heavily armed people would very much like to have a word.
      • This comes, I think, from juxtapositions that strengthen the already heavily saturated colors of the images.
      • The word beefy is used to indicate a powerful, perhaps heavily alcoholic wine, with a very chewy or mouth-filling impact.
      • The money convoys and storage sites are heavily guarded.
      • However, they were heavily defeated in wards they won last year.
      • After initial success, the royalists were heavily defeated by superior forces.
      • It can be very difficult to be with someone who is affected by alcohol, particularly if they drink often and heavily.
      • But the mountains remain heavily forested and biologically diverse.
      • The costs of the weekend are heavily subsidised by the Foundation and by the Department.
      • The bomber died in the explosion and the jeep was heavily damaged.
      • These poacher patrols are armed and the people they encounter can be heavily armed as well.

    • 2.2(immoderately)

      (smoke/drink) en exceso
      (smoke/drink) más de la cuenta informal
      (gamble) fuerte

    • 2.3(by a large margin)

      (outweigh) con mucho
      we were heavily outnumbered eran muchísimos más que nosotros
      • Rangers lost heavily to the Canadian team Rangers sufrió una derrota aplastante frente al equipo canadiense
      • to be heavily in debt estar muy endeudado
      • In contrast, living systems rely heavily on information exchange between neighboring modules.
      • A few minutes later we stood on the beach under a heavily clouded sky, looking out over a millpond sea.
      • Undoubtedly, schools and universities are heavily involved in information.
      • First, he relies heavily upon nepotism.
      • Like many involved with the Spiritual Rights Foundation, they left heavily in debt.
      • My life now heavily revolves around the white stuff.
      • Decisions we make today will surely weigh heavily on the shape of the world we eventually leave.
      • Collins also relies heavily on internal employee referrals to find good long-term staffers in the first place.
      • The final design emphasizes its simplicity, heavily relying on upstage lighting technique and set movement.
      • Above all, it is rich with the overpowering detail of heavily researched cultural history.
      • They began by relying heavily on friends and family to come to events.
      • Their combined forces heavily defeated Tilly at the Battle of Breitenfeld in September 1631.
      • Those runners heavily handicapped were in amongst the middle order starters.
      • It borrows heavily from The Matrix, as though daring us to point out the comparison.
      • Already overburdened staff have to focus more heavily on information assurance versus asset protection.
      • Thailand and Vietnam depend heavily on exports to power economic growth.
      • In Figure 1, year data is heavily skewed towards the late 1990s with a distinct upward trend peaking in 2000.
      • Many factory outlets sell winter accessories at heavily discounted prices.
      • All exports are prevented and imports are heavily restricted, including fuel.
      • The heavily insulated egg plummeted to the ground.

  • 3

    • 3.1(to a marked extent)

      a style heavily influenced by romanticism un estilo con marcada / profunda influencia romántica
      • they're heavily dependent / they depend heavily on these imports dependen en alto grado de estas importaciones
      • his English is heavily accented habla inglés con un acento muy fuerte / con mucho acento
      • the management is heavily criticized in the report el informe critica duramente a la dirección
      • he's heavily into Zen le ha dado fuerte por el Zen
      • heavily pregnant en las últimas semanas del embarazo

    • 3.2(severely)

      cigarettes should be more heavily taxed los cigarrillos deberían llevar impuestos más altos
      • all correspondence is heavily censored toda la correspondencia está muy censurada
      • the text has been heavily cut el texto ha sido acortado drásticamente

    • 3.3(in large numbers or amounts)

      the institution is heavily subsidized la institución recibe cuantiosas / importantes subvenciones
      • she lost heavily at the gambling tables perdió mucho en las mesas de juego
      • we were forced to borrow heavily to meet our commitments nos vimos obligados a contraer considerables deudas para hacer frente a nuestras obligaciones