Translation of heavy in Spanish:


pesado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛvi//ˈhɛvi/

adjectiveheavier, heaviest

  • 1

    • 1.1(weighty)

      (load/weight/suitcase) pesado
      (saucepan) de fondo grueso
      it's very heavy pesa mucho
      • the tree was heavy with fruit el árbol estaba cargado de fruta
      • her eyelids were heavy with sleep se le cerraban los ojos de sueño
      • my legs felt heavy me pesaban las piernas
      • heavy goods vehicle vehículo (de carga) de gran tonelaje
      • conditions were heavy underfoot el terreno estaba enlodado
      • heavy work trabajo pesado
      • the steering on this car is rather heavy este coche tiene la dirección muy dura
      • Yesterday, cranes lifted heavy chunks of concrete, metal beams and giant buckets of broken building materials.
      • It certainly proves that Bob can fix an engine or lift heavy loads.
      • Although they look like bags of flour, they are heavy and difficult to lift.
      • How did they know they would be allowed to get away with the trucks they must have used to move the heavy artifacts which they stole?
      • The ladies made it quite clear that the tables and chairs were too heavy for them to lift, and asked the Council for assistance.
      • The doll wiggled and struggled to get free but the weight of Adam's foot on its chest was too heavy for it to move off.
      • Am I supposed to scream that my brother has to set the table too and must I lift a heavy load to prove my freedom?
      • She was physically weaker and unable to lift or move anything heavy.
      • It turned out that they were just locals making a buck or two by lifting the heavy loads.
      • Instead, we helped him feed his cat, get his mail, and move furniture deemed too heavy to lift by his doctor.
      • She has her groceries packed with a small quantity in each bag as she cannot lift heavy loads.
      • For example, if some of your employees must lift or move heavy objects, make sure they have the proper equipment to do so.
      • I smiled, shook my head, and lifted the heavy mechanism with only some difficulty.
      • Villagers, forbidden to wear shoes, were required to carry heavy loads over difficult terrain.
      • Hoists are fitted into tracks in the ceiling, so students can practice lifting and moving heavy patients who are unable to move themselves.
      • ‘I motivated myself to lift heavy objects because I wanted to do the garden,’ said Joe.
      • I've tried lifting heavy things, drinking gallons of water.
      • As for the helmet, he hadn't noticed it until he tried to lift his head and found that it was too heavy to move.
      • Many back injuries occur because we lift or move heavy objects without adequate stabilizing strength.
      • She said a stomach operation she had a few years ago made it difficult for her to lift the heavy cardboard which she sold last year.

    • 1.2(thick)

      (garment/fabric) grueso
      (fabric/garment) pesado
      a heavy gold chain una cadena gruesa de oro
      • a pair of heavy boots un par de botas fuertes
      • Pat screamed as she thrust a bucket of thick, heavy black paint at the wall and it splattered everywhere.
      • Neither man struggled when their arms were bound with a thick heavy rope.
      • He sauntered along, still wearing his heavy coat and woolen hat which was never, ever removed.
      • They could see an immense mountain that stretched up into heavy thick clouds.
      • Most of the seated figures wear a distinctive heavy robe with thick, rounded borders.
      • The felt is quite heavy and thicker than normal blinds and the felt I use is very uniform and flat, almost like parchment as it has bits of seeds and wood from the sheep in it.
      • They drew aside a thick and heavy curtain that led to another layer of thin curtains.
      • Aching from head to toe, Clara pulled the thick, heavy robe around her waist and cinched the belt tighter.
      • The mist around them turned to a thick heavy fog, laden with mystery, and death.
      • We were sitting in my room for our third tutoring session, and the clouds outside were heavy and grey.
      • The sun was shrouded by heavy clouds that grayed the bright colors of the earth.
      • I am also wearing very thick, heavy socks, and my feet are STILL cold.
      • But come today, the warm sun had been replaced by a chilly wind and heavy grey clouds and an uninvited rain shower delayed the start of the tennis by an hour.
      • It dominated the center of a room littered with thick, heavy black ropes and copper vines.
      • A little bit of blue could be seen between the heavy gray clouds, which were indeed on their way south.
      • A late-autumn storm shoved heavy gray clouds across the sky and into the distance.
      • The thick heavy grey smoke lingered among the branches and prevented the flowers and buds from being burned by frost.
      • It was thick and heavy and I could only guess it was a blanket or something like it.
      • The creaking of the heavy canvas above her as the crew began to set sail brought her back to the present with a jump.
      • Before touching the cat, cover her head with a thick blanket or heavy towel to protect yourself from being bitten.
      • The entire fish is covered with a heavy layer of thick mucus which is thought to provide protection from infection.

    • 1.3(solid)

      (bread/cake/meal) pesado
      • I arrived back at my desk feeling slightly sleepy from the lovely sunshine, and overfull from the heavy chocolate torte I'd had for desert.
      • The doctor said that I won't be able to eat a lot of heavy foods - something like that.
      • You may wish to avoid heavy foods before sleeping and you may also want to try a simplified diet for a week.
      • He said that fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grain give you more energy compared to a heavy dish.
      • The best bit is none of these desserts is too heavy, but they'll round off a meal in style.
      • I cooked more healthfully by omitting heavy sauces and oil, using nonfat cooking spray instead.
      • This may have been a rather heavy dish, but it suited me down to the ground.
      • If sliced bread is too heavy, place the meat with a little lettuce and a splash of mustard or dressing in a spinach tortilla wrap.
      • Melons should not be eaten with heavy foods like cheese, deep-fried foods or the heavier grains.
      • The spicy cucumber salad was very simple, but an excellent foil for the heavy food.
      • I'm drawn instinctively to heavy food and I love red food because it's the colour of my rage.
      • The waitress recommended the banana cake, but it sounded a little too heavy after such a filling meal.
      • Not as many clothes, not as much heavy food, and no problems with snow or ice.
      • The two men will eat the same heavy soup at the beginning and end of each day.
      • They both cook the usual northern dishes, particularly the heavy meat and vegetable stews suited to their cold winters.
      • A heavy bread made from barley flour was common, but there is evidence that at least some people had wheaten bread available to them.
      • All too often, bread pudding is too heavy and solid, but I could have gone for another slice of this stuff.

    • 1.4(large-scale)

      (machinery/artillery) pesado
      • On paper, Italy have enough heavy artillery to do something similar on Saturday evening.
      • At the championship the Bulgarian team will defend its titles in the heavy categories, which are scheduled for the end of the week.
      • The number of horses was scarcely up to the average, the heavy draught horses being not quite so plentiful.
      • It's time to call in the heavy artillery: the president of the United States.
      • Yet just when Scotland thought they had done enough to win the game, the English heavy artillery regrouped for one final assault on the Scottish lines.
      • With this kind of heavy artillery, it's surprising these guys didn't win long ago.
      • There was an engineering professor who came in to find his class talking about heavy boots.
      • Emergency services brought out the heavy artillery yesterday afternoon in an effort to free a man from his crushed vehicle.
      • In fact they put up a spirited fight for much of this contest, but lacked the heavy artillery.
      • But from ahead the sounds of heavy artillery fire suggested that sterner opposition was to come.
      • But the heavy artillery proved too much for the overwhelmed natives and the last sad remnants of the tribe fled into the bush.
      • The tax for heavy vehicles above 12 tonnes will be calculated in a new manner, which will reduce it slightly.
      • Nonetheless, research shows that heavy artillery has far from exhausted its unique potential yet.
      • Every fourth pair will carry the heavy grade weapons.
      • One of the terms used in estimating the clearance time of the heavy vehicle is its average acceleration in starting gear.
      • It is not a strong action and should not be subjected to loads that are anywhere near the heavy class.
      • The spiritual battle needs the heavy artillery of fasting and prayer.

  • 2

    • 2.1(ponderous)

      (fall/movement/tread/footstep) pesado
      (thud/thump) sordo
      • This book is a heavy work that attempts to carry the weight of the world upon its existential shoulders.
      • At this time, I noticed that the wind had picked up, but I thought it was to be expected considering the heavy rain that was falling.
      • With around 15 minutes to go, they were up to third place but the weather took a final twist as heavy rain fell in the last 10 minutes of the race.
      • As yesterday's heavy fall off a ladder becomes old hat, an even heavier fall will be required to get a laugh in next week's episode.
      • But they were kept guessing by the weather until the day itself, with heavy rain falling during the days in the run-up to the event.
      • The freezing conditions on Saturday were tough for the two teams as heavy rain fell for spells making the surface very wet and slippy.
      • When heavy rain falls, the drainage system is unable to handle the water.
      • The weather here in Wales is awful today, gale force winds and heavy rain.
      • The heavy rain that fell last weekend had cleared up by yesterday when crowds gathered to watch hundreds of teens of all shapes and sizes in action.
      • The actress/director known for heavy works with a concentration on dense language, has had two projects this month marked by a lightness of approach and a delight in humorous details.
      • The forecast for today is blustery showers and heavy falls likely with some longer spells of rain expected.
      • Blow after heavy blow fell upon him, his chest, his back and his wounded shoulder being the main targets.
      • The sound of a heavy fall on to the floor was followed by silence.
      • Fishing was considered good even though heavy rain fell all through the day.
      • Even as heavy rain began to fall last night, few accepted offers for a ride from bus and truck drivers.
      • The trio stretched their lead to nearly six minutes at the 90 km mark, but they were gradually reeled in as heavy rain began to fall in Brittany.
      • Within 5 minutes of these pictures being shot the sky was black and heavy rain was falling.
      • With number 13 on his back, the horse took a heavy fall after one of the hurdles and went crashing to the ground.
      • Much of Northern Taiwan breathed a sigh of relief yesterday as heavy rains fell around the country yesterday evening.
      • And obviously with the fairly heavy rain that had fallen it was very soft underfoot.
      • It is also predicted to be one of heavy showers and above average tropical storm activity.
      • A couple of weeks after the monarch's announcement, heavy rain began to fall, thus ending the drought.
      • With heavy rain now falling, the game became bogged down in a midfield stalemate.

    • 2.2

      (features) tosco
      (features) poco delicado
      (eyelids) caído
      (irony/sarcasm) poco sutil
      a man of medium height and heavy build un hombre fornido de estatura mediana
      • a heavy hint una indirecta muy directa
      • he has rather a heavy touch es poco delicado
      • The site will be suitable for all ages, and will not feature heavy language.
      • His skin was scarred and rough; the heavy brows were turned in a stubborn frown even in sleep.
      • Never one for preamble, his heavy features were hawklike with concentration.
      • As they rushed by, Mark glanced their faces, which were characterized by heavy Mexican features.
      • The building features window keystones, coloured tiles, and heavy overhanging cornices.

    • 2.3Physics

      (isotope/water) pesado
      • The nuclei of heavy isotopes are rich in neutrons, which dominate their nuclear surface.
      • Finally, you build an atom smasher and physically knock helium nuclei from some heavy atoms.
      • This is a region in the periodic table where very heavy atoms are stable, because of the particular arrangement that the nuclear particles may take.
      • Why are there usually more neutrons than protons in a heavy element?
      • Chemical bonds between hydrogen and heavy atoms were constrained to their equilibrium value.

  • 3

    • 3.1(oppressive)

      (sky/clouds) pesado
      (perfume) fuerte
      a heavy silence un silencio violento / embarazoso
      • to be heavy with sth estar cargado de algo
      • an atmosphere heavy with suspicion una atmósfera cargada de sospecha
      • Crushing it with her fingers, a heavy sweet scent started to surround her.
      • He growled deep in his throat, and finally they turned to leave back into the hall's heavy kitchen smells.
      • I stood back again, this time over the heavy scent of alcohol streaming from Jason's mouth.
      • I awoke very suddenly to the heavy, heady smell of smoke, and it immediately felt as if my lungs were being stabbed.
      • As we began our walk down the iron bridge road, the scent of honeysuckle was heavy and sweet in the cool morning air.
      • River otters have paired scent glands at the base of their tail which give off a heavy, musky smell.
      • Her mind was still hazy and the heavy scent of the colorless liquid wasn't helping her head much.
      • Within the heavy smell of must there was the slightest fragrance of perfume.
      • Plus, don't assume that a heavy chemical smell means the pool is clean.
      • By now I had gotten used to the heavy scent of roses.
      • He had matches and there was oil, a heavy, sick smell.
      • The heavy smell of perfume and sweat in the locker room hit me as I went through the two doors.
      • Soon, she was very near to Dave, and he could smell a heavy perfume from her.
      • I meant to wait however long it took, even if I had to sit in that unfriendly place and smell the heavy aroma of frying fat from the kitchens forever.
      • I was suddenly aware of how noisy and rowdy the party was, and I noted the heavy smell of alcohol in the air.
      • The heavy smell of liquor hung in the air, assaulting my sensitive nose, and making my eyes water.
      • My dry cleaner was able to get the heavy smoke smell out… but the discoloration of the fabric remains.
      • With specks of gravy on his tie and the heavy smell of garlic, his dinner is a dead giveaway.
      • OK, so they didn't really cancel the race, but boy, a lot of people were left wishing they had, and there was a heavy smell of dead fish.
      • The city loomed before her, the heavy smells of smog and people and life moving all around her.

    • 3.2(loud)

      (sigh) profundo
      heavy breather maníaco telefónico masculine
      • People who are overweight, smokers and heavy drinkers have a higher risk of developing the condition.
      • I bumbled through the weekend dopily and fell into a heavy sleep last night - my bed too comfortable, hot water bottle too comforting.
      • It is only a few seconds, though, and we're all of us entitled to a few seconds of grumpiness when emerging from a heavy sleep.
      • It looks like the snooze has turned into a heavy sleep in the past couple of seasons.
      • Eyewitness Jan Stone believes the route is dangerous because of the amount of heavy traffic.
      • At what point do heavy smokers decide that the thing they are doing them is clearly causing them terrible harm and decide it might be time to stop?
      • Screening is most cost effective when targeted at high risk groups for example, heavy drinkers and smokers.
      • There is a higher incidence of oral cancer in people who are heavy smokers and heavy drinkers.
      • Most people confuse flu with a heavy cold, but flu is usually more severe.
      • Very quickly, it became obvious that this was a trap, and they'd been set up for a heavy amount of damage.
      • Those who do moderate to heavy amounts of exercise, have lower rates of cancer.
      • Long-term heavy smokers remain at significant risk of getting lung cancer.
      • A heavy smoker, he had been suffering from lung cancer.
      • Jimmy, who spent the weekend suffering with a heavy cold, decided to watch it indoors with his father.
      • Over the last few weeks, I haven't been sleeping well, and coupled with a heavy dose of cold, it's left me pretty drained.
      • Root River is located on a highway near a state park, which creates heavy summer traffic.
      • And heavy smokers would be expected to pledge to give up cigarettes.
      • The north west has the highest rate of heavy smokers - those smoking more than 20 a day - in England.
      • I suppose that priests, who have often been heavy smokers, will now be expected to set an example to their flock.
      • And the police are there, as I said, in heavy numbers for the amount of protesters here.
      • Being a heavy smoker, through the years I've gotten my procedure down to a smooth maneuver when driving.
      • As a one-time heavy smoker, I know what it will be like for you not being able to smoke when and where you want to.
      • They say the town already suffers from heavy amounts of traffic and that the additional houses will only add to it.
      • My two uncles who were both heavy smokers died of a different illness two years after quitting the habit.
      • But it is risk which can be changed with a lifestyle change and as a former heavy smoker, I know the body can recover over time.
      • I'm not a heavy smoker, but I think it's an infringement of my civil rights.
      • Symptoms are similar to those of a heavy cold or flu.
      • He did not normally drink because he suffered from ulcers, but at the time had a heavy cold.
      • He and his wife Joanne, also a heavy smoker, went for an initial session with Richard at which he assessed how easy they would be to hypnotise.
      • The man had drunk up to two bottles of whisky a day and was a heavy smoker for the last 50 years of his life, the audience was told.
      • Both systems were very intense; both inflicted heavy damage on significant population centres.
      • I dozed fitfully and uncomfortably at first and then fell into a deep, heavy sleep.
      • Himself a heavy smoker, Peter tries to stick to cigars because ‘you don't inhale so much’.
      • We discussed smoking a bit, as both Rebecca and I had quit, but Ray was a heavy smoker.
      • Very often when this happens I'll come down with a heavy cold or something a few days later but sometimes it just can't be pinned on anything in particular.
      • I see him riding a tricycle slowly through heavy traffic.
      • He also claimed he had been fighting with a heavy cold.
      • The guard wore a heavy amount of armor that made him seem massive in size.
      • Troubled by the heavy cold and a lot of work for the previous several days, I was actually feeling quite low.
      • Barker said he had to drive slowly because of the heavy traffic and icy conditions.
      • Higher levels of disposal income during the economic boom has seen an increase in the number of heavy smokers in Ireland.
      • In fact, children of heavy smokers are often fervent anti-smokers.
      • However, that cut, despite the heavy amount of damage dealt to it, ceased to bleed and scabbed over.

    • 3.3(dark)

      (shading) fuerte
      in heavy type en negrita

    • 3.4(sad)

      apesadumbrado literary
      • The Big Country has tremendous scale and scenic power, but every tableau is heavy with purpose both leading up and going away.
      • The book was based very largely on his own family history; it was heavy with symbolism; and it was long.
      • Apparently it's really good, heavy with a caramel taste, and has a heavy body to it!
      • I read with the greatest appreciation those contributions that were not heavy with academic jargon.
      • Her voice was heavy with sarcasm, and annoyance flashed briefly in her eyes.
      • The proceedings however, are heavy with the hand of the local government.
      • He laments on this with heavy heart because his brother had died in the mean time and he is yet to meet his granddaughter.
      • But now the lineup is heavy with rookies, and the coaches don't like to use young players.
      • Although the costumes were heavy with ornaments, the performers pulled off the choreographed show with style and grace.
      • His voice was heavy with booze, yet even in his inebriated state, he managed to speak clearly.
      • Her clothes were heavy with dirt and her hair straggly and greasy.
      • Today, more than 25 years later and with his sensational trial underway, it is heavy with irony.
      • His voice is heavy with sarcasm, and it strikes me like a punch, hard and fast.
      • The fragrance is intense and long stems are heavy with deep-orange pollen that stains if brushed against.
      • He stood, suddenly heavy with guilt and a kind of sorrow he could not express.
      • The atmosphere was heavy with the aroma of beer and hotdogs.
      • His pitches are heavy with movement, and his assortment makes deception fairly easy.
      • She concluded chapter 4, her vision going fuzzy and a heavy ache in her heart; homesickness.
      • While his voice was hardly dissenting, it was heavy with cautiousness and pragmatism.
      • The room was heavy with smoke, for in the center burned a groggy fire.
      • Instead, there was sadness and a heavy heart about the decision that lies ahead of him.
      • Soon enough the flowering trees would be heavy with blossoms, and it would be his favorite time of year.
      • A long silence weighs heavy with the major decisions he has made in his life.

    • 3.5(earnest)

      (treatment/book) pesado
      (treatment/book) denso
      it makes very heavy reading resulta muy pesado de leer
      • we got into a really heavy argument about abortion nos enzarzamos en una discusión muy seria sobre el aborto
      • We chatted about routine things, never heavy nor serious and her weight was stable.
      • Be light and playful or everyone around you gets heavy, serious and stuck.
      • There are no deep theories here about world events, or heavy discussion of causes and solutions.
      • Avoid being heavy and serious as a playful attitude allows you to feel unburdened and free.
      • I think his diction determines an approach to things which is serious and heavy and committed.
      • They do believe in religion, but in practice it becomes too serious and heavy.
      • I don't think you have to be in these serious, heavy, independent little movies to be an actor.
      • It's best to adopt a light attitude especially in serious, heavy matters and remain in touch with your sense of humour.

  • 4

    • 4.1(intense)

      (rain) fuerte
      (traffic) denso
      (expenditure) cuantioso
      (crop) abundante
      to be a heavy drinker/smoker beber/fumar mucho
      • he's a heavy sleeper tiene el sueño pesado
      • heavy sea mar gruesa
      • attendance has been very heavy la asistencia ha sido muy numerosa
      • trading was heavy on the stock exchange today hoy hubo mucho movimiento en la bolsa
      • demand for these products is heavy hay una gran demanda por estos productos
      • I've got a heavy cold estoy muy resfriada
      • heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of training se hace gran hincapié en la importancia de la capacitación

    • 4.2(severe)

      (sentence/penalty) severo
      (casualties) numeroso
      (blow) duro
      (blow) fuerte
      heavy losses grandes / cuantiosas pérdidas
      • she paid a heavy price for her arrogance pagó cara su arrogancia

    • 4.3(demanding, onerous)

      (task/responsibility) pesado
      (schedule) apretado
      I've had a heavy day at work he tenido un día de mucho trabajo
      • Boiling up shirts and sheets, ironing, polishing floors and furniture, blacking grates and shining silver used to be heavy work.
      • Most of them were or had been heavy smokers, had attained a relatively low level of education, and had been employed in heavy physical work.
      • I cannot state that this gentleman is physically capable of doing heavy physical labour.
      • That means half a kilo per day will keep a man doing heavy physical work.
      • Ergonomic improvements have eliminated heavy physical labor from the factory floor.
      • Long hours in jobs involving heavy physical labour are less harmful though only to a point.
      • Chronic fatigue may be the result of heavy physical work, which might be experienced by women in such circumstances.
      • He does the heavy work, while Sarah does the interior design.
      • Once the heavy work was done, the path went down easily.
      • Women and men do heavy physical labor; however, domestic work is an exclusively female domain.
      • Sometimes summer comes early in August and we find ourselves wishing we'd done more heavy work in June and July.
      • I can do the heavy work for you as well - I'm a keen gardener myself and I'll enjoy the work.
      • Searching through 38 articles in five volumes is heavy physical work.
      • The work is too heavy for me but I gave moral support, in particular chatting to the invalid while the labour was in progress.
      • Men perform heavy physical tasks, while women work as clerks and teachers and in health care.
      • At the small grocery on the corner, a stocky man with bristly white hair who looks nearly sixty does the heavy work and drives a van.
      • Her husband, Terry, 50, may lend a hand with heavy work but Sharon wears the overalls.
      • In many parts of the New World, harvest can be a time of heavy physical work for moderately low pay under trying conditions.
      • She had no money for the dowry that convents demanded, but she offered herself as a lay sister - that is, one of the nuns who performs all the heavy work of the house.
      • Dempsey said an extra international match would increase the already heavy physical demands placed on players.

    • 4.4slang (difficult)

      she has a pretty heavy time las pasa moradas / negras informal
      • things got kind of heavy las cosas se pusieron feas

    • 4.5slang (violent)

      the heavy mob moved in entraron los matones


  • 1

    to lie/hang/weigh heavy on sb/sth pesar sobre algn/algo literary
    • time hung heavy on her hands las horas se le hacían eternas / muy largas
    • lentils lie very heavy on your stomach las lentejas son muy pesadas / indigestas
    • Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    • The feeling weighed heavy on his shoulders and in his mind as he finished combing his hair.
    • From there I started to get pretty heavy into suspension analysis for bikes.
    • They climbed quick and sure, breathing heavy in the thinning air.
    • Both were breathing pretty heavy, and not to mention, a couple of people were staring from different tables.

nounPlural heavies

  • 1

    • 1.1(strong-arm man)

      matón masculine informal
      gorila masculine informal
      • All three are tough and run most of the heavies in the school.
      • They hire heavies to drive minibuses and intimidate our picket lines.
      • I have endured attacks from farmers and heavies to get us to move on.
      • In terms of complying with the legislation in respect of recovery of payments, their way will be a brick through the window, or sending the heavies around to deal with a debtor.
      • Before he knows it, he's the target of a number of heavies.
      • After administering a thrilling scare, the heavies let them go.
      • Griffin didn't want the conversation and one of his heavies stepped in.
      • The heavies who are behind this recent upsurge of robberies and violence need to be stopped before the worst happens.
      • By ‘real’ stress I mean when the bank heavies are actually knocking on your door and it's pay up time on the arrears on the house payments.
      • From the casino floor, you go through a door in the corner of the casino, guarded by a heavy.
      • Methods employed by security forces and government heavies included the use of tear gas, threats, beatings, confiscation of ID cards, police cordons and random gunfire.
      • In a bar, they get into a brawl with a group of Air Force heavies and handily defeat them.
      • The next time I see her I fully expect to be held at arms length by a series of heavies and faceless people who will deny me access to this divinity.

    • 1.2Theatre

      villano masculine
      malo masculine informal

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (important person)

      peso pesado feminine informal
      • Held at the end of January or beginning of February each year, Davos is where corporate chieftains and political heavies discuss making the world better while slaloming the Alps.
      • It is unfair is when a team struggling for survival faces a foe loaded with contracted players, and the following week another club, also facing relegation, finds them stripped of the heavies and manages a win.
      • While the corporate heavies were doing the deals in the smoke filled back rooms they kept the airline flying with a warmth and efficiency it was a privilege to be on the end of.
      • The assembled opposition members, journalists and tourism industry heavies were slack-jawed.
      • At last you have managed to sneak away from your ministry of information heavies and wander the streets alone.
      • If the Indonesian judiciary really can be influenced by political heavies, this is one occasion when I hope such influence is exerted.
      • Our list includes interesting cases with big names involving celebrities, political heavies and anyone else of notoriety.
      • Rock music heavies promise to tilt earth on its axis over African poverty.

    • 2.2British informal (newspaper)

      periódico serio masculine informal