Translation of heavy-handed in Spanish:


torpe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌhɛvi ˈˌhændəd//ˌhɛvɪˈhandɪd/


  • 1

    • Outraged republicans accused the police of heavy-handed tactics.
    • They warned, however, that a heavy-handed police response could trigger mass protests.
    • But protesters claimed they had not come to fight and many accused the police of heavy-handed tactics and attacking them for no reason.
    • The heavy-handed tactics resulted in sporadic clashes between protesters and police and numerous arrests.
    • But Ms Smith, who got caught up in the brawl, said she would be complaining to the police about their heavy-handed approach.
    • Killing the arsonist was both heavy-handed and bound to attract further police attention.
    • Surely the police response was a bit heavy-handed - what order were they disrupting anyhow?
    • Police used heavy-handed tactics to disperse the protesters.
    • Too often they came across as gimmicks, awkward and heavy-handed.
    • Some say the police did it to gain sympathy for the coming heavy-handed police tactics at the summit.
    • The protesters also want an end to the heavy-handed police tactics that led to the killing of the four demonstrators last week.
    • My apologies to the author for what may well be rather heavy-handed paraphrasing of his often quite poetic prose.
    • Three years of protests is a long time in a city where the police have developed a reputation for using heavy-handed tactics against demonstrators.
    • This was particularly the case in Brixton where the riots are thought to have been sparked off by a certain degree of insensitive and heavy-handed policing.
    • In Portugal handcuffed and hung over hooligans whinge about heavy-handed police tactics and plead their innocence.
    • It's a good thing the scene was deleted, as it's heavy-handed and the dialogue is awkward.
    • Pub landlord Paul Morris criticised police for being heavy-handed and has disputed that any drugs were found.
    • The riots were seen specifically as anti-police demonstrations provoked by heavy-handed police harassment.
    • Around fifteen people were arrested after heavy-handed tactics were employed by police.
    • It is narrative driven, without being heavy-handed or overly literal.
  • 2

    (tactless, inept)
    (action) torpe
    (person/compliment) inepto
    (person/compliment) torpe