Translation of heavy-hearted in Spanish:


apesadumbrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌhɛviˈhɑrdəd/


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    • Actually, she has been very cheerless, she comes home from school quite heavy-hearted.
    • That's one of the most heavy-hearted things I ever heard.
    • Loving, like giving, is done for own sake, not for the sake of its consequences, and heavy-hearted love is a sacrifice that demands sacrifices in return.
    • Two days later, still quite heavy-hearted from a recent breakup, I went to a Halloween party in Brooklyn.
    • Once the door was shut and Sally was left alone, she slumped in her chair and let out a heavy-hearted sigh.
    • Bob Wainwright heard it and felt unaccountably heavy-hearted.
    • As always, I will have a great feeling of elation to fly such a magnificent machine - we call it riding the rocket - but I will be very heavy-hearted, and feel a sense of history.
    • Faith is far more satisfying, with Smith's vague, doomy lyrics now reflected by appropriately heavy-hearted music.
    • It'll feel like something heavy-hearted, but definitely something that's helped me grow in more ways than one.
    • Seth felt a little heavy-hearted as he got down from the plane.
    • Had there been more of the latter and less of the dreary, heavy-hearted stuff, we might have been talking about an R'n'B classic.
    • She focuses on the dreadful thing that was done to her, and her heavy-hearted decision not to complain to anyone in authority about it.
    • ‘We came here heavy-hearted, but now we can smile, even in the face of the continued crime, as one of our own is safe and back home with his family,’ the smiling student, who did not give his name, said.
    • Morrissey and his other heavy-hearted chums in The Smiths famously posed outside it to promote a 1987 single.
    • Y'know, this stuff may be in other threads, but I'm frankly too heavy-hearted to read them.
    • The film, despite dealing with a tremendously sorrowful subject, offers more than heavy-hearted investigation of the world's most grief-stricken areas.
    • And Kieran, heavy-hearted at his lord's unhappiness, lay sleepless at his side.