Translation of heavyweight in Spanish:


peso pesado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛviˌweɪt//ˈhɛvɪweɪt/



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    (masculine and feminine) peso pesado
    a political/literary/industrial heavyweight un peso pesado de la política/literatura/industria
    • That would be Walker's farewell fight in heavyweight and his career began to slide.
    • And high on the wall he spotted the framed pair of boxing trunks worn and signed by world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.
    • Dolan's selection had been criticised in some quarters as he was stepped up to super heavyweight after winning three successive ABA titles at heavyweight but his ring skills are beyond doubt.
    • I figured I don't have to go out there and be a high-flying junior heavyweight.
    • As most people know, I'm not a big fan of the heavyweights, as they are not only boring for the most-part, but slow moving.
    • There were three men's divisions: lightweight, heavyweight and open.
    • His record equals that of his older brother, Stephen, who dominated the domestic scene as a super-heavyweight and heavyweight.
    • The greatest event in sports is world heavyweight boxing.
    • It's supposed to be a fight between the best light heavyweight in the world and the 25th heavyweight in the world.
    • The German was world heavyweight boxing champion from 1930-32.
    • The life of luxury has its cost, and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says he can't afford it anymore.
    • And before that, you were the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, am I right?
    • The point is that we really don't know how to evaluate him when matched with a top tier heavyweight.
    • The fighter once regarded as the most talented heavyweight, Mike Tyson, has become better known for doing violence outside the ring than in it.
    • But here we're talking heavyweights and neither fighter is exciting to watch, as is most of the rest of that weight class.
    • It exceeded all the heavyweight fights this year.
    • It was because they weren't heavyweights, and to expect them to compete with the heavyweight champion, who held the premier title in boxing, was ludicrous.
    • The two heavyweights shook hands and spoke for a few moments.
    • There is a part of me that finds it hard to believe because Ali took it to the body better than any heavyweight ever.
    • There was a period in the 90s when Nelson held the World Boxing Federation heavyweight title.
    • In a fight full of trash-talking and taunting, Jones appeared tired early, and said having to lose weight to come down from heavyweight took its toll.
    • Susana Alonso, Women's World Amateur heavyweight winner, made beautiful posing music with Armando Villa to take the top prize.
    • I'm a light heavyweight, but this guy looked well over heavyweight and his tattoos made him look like a statue desecrated by graffiti.
    • The other heavyweights know that they probably won't be hurt or knocked out by him, just humiliated.
    • He also happens to be a two-time world heavyweight boxing champ.
    • He was boxing for six or seven years and during that time was national senior champion five times in all, three times at heavyweight and twice at super heavy weight.
    • He has not boxed competitively since losing his World Boxing Council version of the world heavyweight title to Mike Tyson in 1995.
    • There is wrestling with college kids at Fresno State, where he was an All-American junior heavyweight.
    • Burns was one of top three heavyweights at the time and certainly was the best white heavyweight when Jackson fought him.
    • The former European heavyweight boxing champion wears his championship medals round his neck, lest anyone should forget.
    • The boxers set a brisk pace for heavyweights, both relying on speed of hand and continual movement.
    • But there are heavyweight champions I think that, even as a middleweight, I could have beaten.
    • The World's allow one entrant per division per country, while the World Games are one men's lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight per continent.
    • Where must it be ranked among the great clashes between light heavyweights and heavyweights?
    • This allows smallish heavyweights to gradually move up without putting their careers at risk, in particular early in their careers.
    • Like another heavyweight, Mike Tyson, Campbell's best days came as a young man.
    • Jones would be best advised to take on small heavyweights if he wants to compete against the big boys, which is where the money is.
    • Tyson hits like no other heavyweight, so when you get hit the first time, it is like a shock to your system.
    • Then again, with today's heavyweights that does make him a contender.
    • In 1916, in front of 30,000 people in Barcelona, he fought heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, who knocked him out in the sixth round.


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    (wrestler/boxer) de la categoría de los pesos pesados
    (title) de los pesos pesados
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    (of fabric)
    (cotton/denim) grueso y resistente
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    (newspaper) serio