There are 2 main translations of heel in Spanish

: heel1heel2


talón, n.

Pronunciation /hil//hiːl/


  • 1

    • 1.1Anatomy

      talón masculine
      to call sb to heel llamar a algn al orden
      • (to dog) heel(, boy)! ¡ven aquí!
      • When the phantom pains are coming on strong the illusion is complete; I can feel my toes, my heel and my ankle even if I can't see them.
      • Then push your foot all the way up in the boot - when you flex the ankle, the heel shouldn't slide up more than half an inch.
      • Luckily, the heel of her palm caught her before she hit the stone ground.
      • Knees are bent and held in front of the chest, with the heels positioned below the hips.
      • Grasp the foot of your injured leg with your hand and slowly pull your heel up to your buttocks.
      • I fell quiet, rubbing the heels of my hands over my face.
      • The sting of fingernails in the heel of my hand told me that my fist was clenched.
      • This causes the foot to be sharply angled at the heel, with the foot pointing up and outward.
      • He rubbed his eye with the heel of his palm and smiled widely.
      • She had broken her shin bone and fractured the inside of her ankle and heel.
      • Instead, he prescribes taking a stance with your heels directly below your body and focusing on keeping your torso upright.
      • Slight changes in pressure in your toes, heels and ankles are enough to manoeuvre you and the board in the correct direction.
      • I closed my eyes a moment, rubbing the center of my forehead - just between my eyebrows - with the heel of my palm.
      • It's executed with the inside edge of your hand where your thumb is, not the meaty part near the heel of the palm.
      • Kneel at his or her feet, put the heel of one hand above his or her navel, put the other hand over your fist with the fingers of both hands pointing toward his or her head.
      • Then, she began to wrap it firmly around her ankle, starting at the heel of her foot and going half way to her knee.
      • He stopped and smacked himself in the forehead with the heel of his hand.
      • My legs and feet drew a lot of attention, especially my ankles and heels.
      • Claire sniffles, rubbing at her eyes with the heel of her palm.
      • If I were to try to locate the sensations I'd say they were at the bottom of my leg in my heel / ankle/toes.
      • He struck her in the chest with the heel of his palm and Liz staggered backwards.
      • I closed my eyes, pressing the heel of my palm against my forehead.
      • Instead of merely cushioning the user's foot, the Pump system offers a custom fit while protecting the heel, the ankle and the collar area of the foot.
      • He leaned back against the wall, shut his eyes, and gently bashed the heel of his palm into his forehead.
      • Pressing the heels of my palms against my eyes I tried to shut out the threatening tears and held my breath to keep from weeping.
      • The young cadet clutched his head, hammering the heel of his palm against his forehead.
      • The palm heel should rest just above the horizontal line linking the eyebrow with the base of the ear.
      • The commonest ankle sprain is when the heel or foot turn inwards in relation to the lower leg, overstretching the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.
      • This pointing pulls the heel and ankle bones forward putting a great deal of rubbing on the skin on top of the ankle bones and over the tendon in front of the ankle.
      • The older fighter stood there in an empty stance as if he were simply holding a conversation, until the moment she struck at his chest with the heel of her left palm.
      • She shoved the heels of her palms into her eyes as fresh tears flowed.
      • Before slamming the heel of his palm into the front door he closes his eyes to imagine the silence that will sweep over his eagerly awaiting audience as he walks onto center stage.
      • He sighed and dropped his forehead against the heel of his hand, digging the spoon into his bowl.
      • The balls of your feet should be on the platform, with your heels slightly below.
      • The ability, and willingness, to fall forward from your ankles while keeping your heel down is key.
      • Start with both heels on the floor and point your feet upward as high as you can.
      • The tendon is attached to the back of the heel and is pulled by two muscles in the calf.
      • The classic swelling of the toes, heels, ankles, and wrists was labelled ‘regular gout’.
      • Briefly, subjects stood with their heel, calf, buttocks, back, and head fixed with a strap against a vertical backboard.
      • He closed his eyes, pressing the heels of his palms to his forehead.

    • 1.2(of shoe)

      tacón masculine
      taco masculine Southern Cone
      high/low heels tacones altos/bajos
      • I spun around on the heel of the shoes and almost collapsed into a bar stool, but luckily the counter was there for me to catch.
      • The authors recommend shoes with low heels or better still, none at all.
      • It started when I kicked my right ankle with the heel of my left shoe.
      • Mine are presently a half-inch above the heel of my shoes.
      • He crushed his cigarette stub out beneath the heel of his shoe.
      • Are women as focused on those things as they are with getting, say, the newest Gucci shoes with bamboo heels?
      • They are a plain looking, solid sort of shoe with a chunky heel, quite rigid support and come in an infinite range of colours and limited editions.
      • Instead of the flats women normally wore, the heel of the shoe was extended a good deal so it appeared that they wearer would be walking on their toes.
      • The heel of her shoe broke off, but she ran up the stairs anyway.
      • He ground the heel of his shoe into the feebly sparking wire and scowled.
      • He scuffed a pit in the snow with the heel of his shoe.
      • As for the sole, the wedge heel has crept into men's shoe styles.
      • A low heel is more professional than flats or high heels.
      • A shoe with a distinct heel will be much, much easier to walk in.
      • No one returns a pair of Gucci shoes claiming that the heel isn't durable.
      • Wood floors must be adequately protected from damp and soft timbers can be easily gouged by heels, chair legs and animal claws.
      • I step on it with the heel of my shoe - I certainly didn't miss them.
      • As the heel of my shoe tapped against the ground it made a click like noise, which echoed through the long narrow corridor.
      • Shoes should have adequate arch support and cushioned heels.
      • In interviews with police officers I wore a skirt, blouse, tights, shoes with a slight heel, and a little make-up.

    • 1.3(of hosiery)

      talón masculine
      • Your sock's heel should fit snugly around your heel.
      • The heel is a double knitted fabric, which I think helps the sock to stay up since it pulls the fabric in at the ankles.
      • Changing out of his painting clothes after a somewhat disappointing day in his studio, he noticed the worn spot on the heel of his sock.
      • As he stood with one foot on the top step, it was quite obvious that he had a hole the size of a silver dollar in the right heel of his maroon sock.

  • 2

    (thick part)
    the heel of one's/the hand la base / el pulpejo de la mano
  • 3informal

    (contemptible person)
    canalla masculine
    • Chief Executives have gone from heroes in gray pinstriped suits to heels in orange jumpsuits.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (shoes) ponerles tacones nuevos a
    (shoes) ponerles tacos nuevos a Southern Cone
    (high-heeled shoes) ponerles tapas a
    (high-heeled shoes) ponerles tapillas a Chile
    • In fact, if you are dining there he will lend you a pair of flip-flops to get back to your chair while he heels your soles.
  • 2

    (ball) talonar
    • Within ten minutes, the ball is heeled by the Scottish forwards and sent out to the wing.
    • Such preliminary use of a foot would be a new skill to today's players, though much of the time it would merely amount to heeling the ball with the feet in a concerted rucking drive.
    • They swiftly heeled a scrum on the champions' line, and Thomson cleverly waited while he assessed his options.

There are 2 main translations of heel in Spanish

: heel1heel2


inclinarse, v.

Pronunciation /hiːl//hil/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (ship) escorar
    • A great gasp went up as the ship listed heavily, and looked as though she would heel over completely.
    • As he was waiting, the boat suddenly heeled over.
    • My favourite memory of a tall ship is standing at the helm of the Lord Nelson under full sail, feeling her heel over in a stiff breeze until her port deck was awash.
    • Julia, who had never set foot on a ship before, clutched the rigging in alarm when the ship first heeled over with the stiff breeze.
    • As the galley righted itself, another wave struck from the other side, and the ship heeled over so far its mainsail almost touched the water.
    • When we hit bad weather in the open ocean, and the whole boat was heeling at an angle not conducive to sleep or gravity, the trainees would often get scared, and panicky - which sometimes translated into aggression and violence.
    • The wind caught the sails with a dull boom and the ship heeled about, tacking into the westerly breeze sweeping across the lake.
    • As the conditions worsened, said Mr Pritchard, the boat heeled over on to her side twice, injuring two crewmen.
    • Even as he spoke, the ship heeled over in the rising wind, and he moaned.
    • Suddenly the boat heeled to an angle of 45° under a gust of wind from the port side, catching me unprepared and out of position.
    • Entering a small type of entrance, the ship was about to anchor when we heeled over for a brief instant.
    • The two vessels clung together for less than a minute before the Umpire heeled to port and went down.
    • The boat heeled over hard as they hit the opposing wind that circulated in harbour.
    • As the wind increased, the yacht heeled over to a precarious angle and its bow was being continually submerged by the oncoming swell.
    • The worst thing, we agreed, was putting on the oilskins in such conditions, whether on a fishing boat or a yacht heeled well over and battering her way into a difficult sea.
    • ‘The yacht was heeling over at 35 degrees, and the effort to get up the steps was beyond belief,’ she says.