Translation of heinous in Spanish:


atroz, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈheɪnəs//ˈheɪnəs//ˈhiːnəs/



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    • But his mind's eye isn't fraught with mournful replays of a life cut short by a heinous crime.
    • How did they live with themselves, knowing they would commit such a heinous act?
    • This is why the death penalty is usually reserved for only the most heinous criminals.
    • They feel that certain crimes are so heinous that executing the criminal is the only reasonable response.
    • The candidate has to be involved in two separate cases of heinous crimes to attract disqualification.
    • Yes, human life is the most sacred thing and taking other people's lives is a heinous act.
    • What heinous sin had these women committed to be singled out for divine retribution?
    • But to plan somebody's murder is a particularly heinous crime and I think few people would do that.
    • Also the list of heinous offences should be expanded to cover social and economic offences.
    • Her angelic appearance and heinous crimes have made her an object of morbid public fascination.
    • Well some incredibly good things have come about because of it, but some heinous atrocities were carried out in its name.
    • Let's say you commit the heinous sin of dropping a cigarette end in the street in York.
    • In this and other cases, it was an absolutist sense of superiority that allowed such heinous acts.
    • Who were the planners and perpetrators of this cowardly and heinous crime?
    • The pressure on companies to make money for their shareholders has led to some truly heinous acts, in my view.
    • And he committed his heinous crime right here, down this very country lane.
    • The decision of the Home Secretary was based on the fact that some crimes are so heinous as to justify life imprisonment.
    • Hence minorities were also targeted for committing various heinous crimes.
    • He might end up in prison, but, however long his sentence and however heinous his crime, his citizenship was secure.
    • Such sentiments have been fed by lurid newspaper stories of heinous crimes committed by non-Japanese.