Translation of helicopter in Spanish:


helicóptero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛləˌkɑptər//ˈhɛlɪkɒptə/


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    helicóptero masculine
    by helicopter en helicóptero
    • before noun helicopter gunship helicóptero artillado
    • helicopter landing pad pista de aterrizaje para helicópteros
    • helicopter rescue rescate en helicóptero
    • helicopter shuttle conexión aérea por helicóptero
    • One by one, the insects march up blades of grass, waiting until dusk to lift off like miniature helicopters into the night.
    • Stuart was said to be on the flight deck when he was hit by debris from the rotor blades of the helicopter.
    • It was then decided to step up the hunt and deploy the helicopter and aircraft.
    • Such a trip might be in a traditional road ambulance, or it might call for a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
    • Light aircraft, 60 helicopters, river boats, and hovercraft provided his mobility.
    • For five days, helicopters are flying overhead, but none of them are dropping water or food down for anyone.
    • We have about 121 aircraft and helicopters currently at our disposal to fight these fires.
    • There were several helicopters flying overhead, so I know that it was being filmed, but there have only been blips in the local media.
    • Receivers in aircraft or helicopters will typically be able to receive the signals at distances up to about five miles.
    • These motoring paparazzi have been known to use helicopters and light aircraft in pursuit of their prey.
    • Ground-attack aircraft and helicopters had become easier to direct than artillery.
    • Fixed-wing commission aircraft and spotter helicopters will assist if farmers become overwhelmed.
    • At least 14 helicopters were seen flying overhead in the early morning when the operation was launched.
    • How big a deal are these sandstorms, which could affect helicopters and other aircraft and tanks?
    • By the end of the decade, some helicopters will even be capable of flying more like fixed-wing aircraft
    • The little venue is so close to the Queenstown airport that we see aircraft and helicopters landing and taking off at regular intervals.
    • The helicopter lifted off the ground, gained the proper height, and moved out towards Pakistan.
    • Eventually the crew of the rescue helicopter saw her and lifted her into the helicopter.
    • One of the helicopter's rotor blades had smashed into the crag, showering the rescuers with fragments of rock.
    • The couple led police to the graves last week, directing operations as a helicopter flew overhead.

intransitive verb

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    viajar en helicóptero

transitive verb

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    llevar en helicóptero