Translation of hell-raiser in Spanish:


camorrista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛlreɪzə//ˈhelreɪzər/



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    camorrista feminine
    • Johnny and the Poorboys are Keighley's popular hellraisers of Irish, country and rock ‘n’ roll music.
    • Here's a quick recap of the most celebrated male hellraisers of recent years.
    • Last year, Waylon Jennings, former hellraiser and founder of the 70s country outlaw movement, took him aside for a quiet word about his recreational habits.
    • A notorious boozer and hellraiser, the guy is particularly well known for persuading his endless series of one-nighters to ‘slip into something comfortable.’
    • His off-field sins, such as they are, are prosaic by the standards of a born hellraiser - typical teenage stuff.
    • Meanwhile, it has emerged that wild rocker Pete may have a reputation as a hellraiser these days but was a teacher's pet at school.
    • His reputation as a hellraiser and a big drinker was coming to dominate and even overshadow his work.
    • Yet another chapter has been opened in the life of Pete Townshend, whose past as a hellraiser has seen him struggle with addiction to drink and drugs.
    • His obituaries rightly said a hole has been left in the Commons, that he was a first-class hellraiser and an incomparable character.
    • The former hellraiser, who claims to have been clean for two years, said he realised he was in trouble when he stopped for a ‘disgusting’ burger, after a 48 hour binge, and was convinced he would die of a heart attack..
    • The Oscar-winning actor became firm friends with the Irish hellraiser after they began working together on the big-screen version of ‘Miami Vice’.
    • AC/DC, MC5 and the Dead Kennedys are all standard texts for guitar-toting hellraisers.
    • The Hollywood hellraiser was said to be furious over the arrest and was heard telling police: ‘This is bullsh * t!’
    • A fearless hellraiser, he died in 1977 in a skiing accident in Switzerland.
    • Chapman couldn't help but notice that the brothers were remarkably well-behaved, contrary to their reputation for being rock 'n' roll hellraisers.
    • New Zealand's greatest comic actor, Brian Sergent, is about to take on the character of the legendary Brian Bell - a hellraiser, possibly a genius, kindly fellow and terrible old bastard who was ‘in a class of his own’.
    • The grizzled hellraiser wants a share of the merchandising profits instead of a flat fee, presumably to spend on more booze.
    • Hunter S. Thompson was a consummate hellraiser and we loved him for it.
    • While my friends insist that I should be dating sophisticated thirty-something women with the aim of settling down, I find myself attracted to wild, volatile hellraisers.
    • A former drug addict and reformed hellraiser, he's on the comeback trail with a sickly song that gradually starts to work its way up the charts.