Translation of helmet in Spanish:


casco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛlmɪt//ˈhɛlmət/


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    casco masculine
    • One of the main problems the NFL has is since the players wear helmets, the athletes aren't very recognizable outside of their uniforms.
    • The players must be under 14 years old and must wear helmets and other protective gear.
    • Combat-equipped soldiers and police wearing helmets and flak jackets are going door to door in the city to enforce a mandatory evacuation at the point of a gun.
    • The only equipment protecting you is a motorcycle helmet and a leather body suit.
    • Baseball helmets routinely protect players who are hit in the head at speeds that are roughly similar to a slap shot.
    • Cyclists and motorcyclists should always wear a protective helmet and long sleeves.
    • This stuff is still dangerous, even with all the troops wearing helmets, goggles and protective vests.
    • Armed with protective vests, steel helmets and guns, a group of Indian and Bangladeshi wildlife experts are tracking the magnificent but endangered Royal Bengal Tiger.
    • Paco looks up and sees several uniformed police officers wearing helmets and body armor, pointing pistols and shotguns.
    • He wore a one-piece motorcycle suit and a helmet with a blacked-out visor.
    • The adjustable hood fits over helmets and hats and won't hinder your vision while you're out and about.
    • The boom was loud enough to make my ears ring, even through the protective mufflers of the helmet.
    • You could wear a cowboy hat, a bowl on your head, a straw hat, a sports helmet, or a rain hat.
    • The wind beat hard at their helmets and clothes.
    • Some wearing protective visored helmets, they gained the element of surprise by running down an alleyway towards the back of the block.
    • Skateboarders rarely use protective equipment such as helmets and wrist guards.
    • Col Black said the soldiers would have been wearing helmets or berets, not floppy hats as in the photographs.
    • She stares longingly at the thick black uniforms and hard helmets hanging up in the machine bay.
    • Some hard hats and helmets have a face shield attached to them.
    • Armed police with their distinctive navy blue bullet-proof vests and protective helmets joined other officers for regular briefings in their mobile office van.
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    yelmo masculine