Translation of helter-skelter in Spanish:


atropelladamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌhɛltərˈskɛltər//ˌhɛltəˈskɛltə/


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    (run/rush) atropelladamente
    (rush/run) a la desbandada
    • We can not simply go out, helter-skelter, and try to transform the biosphere, transform this planet, without knowing what we're doing.
    • Tell them that you feel friendship is undervalued in this helter-skelter crazy materialistic world.
    • Inevitably you pay a price for treating the novel as helter-skelter melodrama.
    • He also noticed rumpled clothing all over the floor, and a number of ripped plastic packages lying helter-skelter on the carpet.
    • Fans will face the usual scraping and scrimping and helter-skelter hunting for tickets.
    • Just when you think that there is nothing that can surprise you any more in the crazy helter-skelter world that is Scottish football, along comes an event which makes your jaw drop.
    • Science seems to offer him a point from which to view the helter-skelter human sagas created by the phantasms of mind and emotion.
    • Fellini's tale of a middle-aged woman sloughing off her inhibitions is a caprice of a piece, a helter-skelter slide through the stages of abandon.
    • It's a helter-skelter ride and you can reach speeds of more than 10 knots in the process.
    • The stunningly modern helter-skelter overpasses seem rather incongruous with a melange of bikes and cars that follow a system of road safety entirely their own.
    • Our minds don't work in a straight line, but rather more like a pinball machine, bouncing ideas off one another helter-skelter.
    • Efforts to vaccinate the nation's children went forward immediately, in somewhat helter-skelter fashion, to beat the summer onset of the disease.
    • The game continued at a helter-skelter pace, amid which Phil Vickery emerged from the replacements' bench to the loudest cheer of the afternoon.
    • And any reader who had imagined that her helter-skelter style was actually the product of careful contrivance will here be disabused.
    • I smiled to myself as the wind blew tossing the leaves helter-skelter and making them dance like ballerinas, minus the tutus.
    • Giggling, his friend Brent ran helter-skelter beside him.
    • Vehicles coming in the gates are checked for bombs, and white U.N. vehicles, mostly Toyota 4Runners, are parked helter-skelter around a dirt lot.
    • A helter-skelter mix of documentary and music video, the film contextualises Vivaldi's life through The Four Seasons, the most recorded and popular classical music ever written.
    • Approaching this year's jamboree in Gloucestershire, he is riding better than ever at 34, having put the brakes on a helter-skelter lifestyle.
    • At times in this hectic, helter-skelter world, an unpretentious reminder of the obvious is in order, and Dick and Larry have done it here.


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    (en espiral) tobogán masculine