Translation of hemorrhagic in Spanish:


hemorrágico, adj.

(British haemorrhagic)

Pronunciation /ˌhɛməˈrædʒɪk//ˌhɛməˈradʒɪk/


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    (fever/stroke) hemorrágico
    • Ebola haemorrhagic fever is one of the most virulent viral diseases, causing death in 50-90% of all clinically ill people.
    • Currently, there is no vaccine for the Marburg virus, a form hemorrhagic fever like Ebola.
    • In the case of an outbreak of a viral hemorrhagic fever, infected people should be quarantined.
    • Second generation vaccines against anthrax, smallpox, and plague are being developed, and vaccines against other agents of bioterrorism such as the haemorrhagic fever viruses and others are also in development.
    • In 1995, these researchers used newly incorporated techniques to rule out dengue virus as the cause of an outbreak of haemorrhagic fever in northern Nicaragua.
    • We identified nine cohort studies of serum cholesterol concentration and stroke that distinguished thromboembolic and haemorrhagic strokes using computed tomography or postmortem findings.
    • The Black Death was not an epidemic of bubonic plague but a viral haemorrhagic fever with a long incubation period that allowed it to travel far despite the limitations of travel in the Middle Ages.
    • However, with the epidemic in the misuse of amphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy primarily among young people traditional aetiological factors for haemorrhagic stroke are becoming overshadowed.
    • He underwent colonoscopy, which revealed a fungating and hemorrhagic rectosigmoid mass lesion.
    • Yellow fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever syndrome spread by mosquitoes in parts of South America and Africa; it has urban and rural forms.
    • Women are also at a higher risk for hemorrhagic stroke after thrombolytic therapy than men.
    • In May 2004 I was part of an international team that responded to an outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in South Sudan.
    • Twelve hundred cases of dengue and 101 cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever have been confirmed.
    • This lesion was hemorrhagic and surrounded by edematous tissue with greenish discoloration.
    • Outbreaks of cholera, malaria, typhoid, leishmaniasis, meningitis, and haemorrhagic fever also recorded.
    • Lassa fever, a viral haemorrhagic fever transmitted by rats, is endemic in west Africa and may kill tens of thousands of people each year
    • The cut surface of the mass was firm and brown, with multifocal hemorrhagic areas.
    • This review summarizes the importance of critical subjects like pathogenesis of dengue haemorrhagic fever and inadequacy of animal model that have adversely affected dengue vaccine development.
    • It is not associated with such widespread discoloration or hemorrhagic lesions.
    • However, the vascular wall was intact without any aneurysmal dilation or communication with the hemorrhagic cystic lesion.