Translation of henna in Spanish:


henna, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛnə//ˈhɛnə/


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    henna feminine

transitive verbhennaed, hennas, hennaing

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    to henna one's hair ponerse henna en el pelo
    • She wears glittering, flimsy garments with sheer embroidered scarves, hennaed hair, nail varnish and lipstick.
    • The marriage ceremony also violated centuries of protocol, as images of Bennani's face and hennaed hands, were televised live to the world.
    • This practice is still part of Middle Eastern cultures today, particularly for special occasions such as weddings, when along with the bride, her mother, aunts, and friends will henna themselves as well.
    • Her hair is hennaed to cover the grey and her figure was long ago permanently shrouded in a shapeless dress.
    • Her thick hair, cut to graze her shoulders, was hennaed a deep red, striking against her clear, translucent, alabaster skin.
    • I henna my hair sometimes, personally, and sometimes it grows out normal color.
    • She had come to him, after all, an unfinished thing, a child bride, almost colorless except for her red bindi and her hennaed hands.
    • She had her hennaed hair in a bun, running around, looking young and beautiful.
    • One old man with a richly hennaed beard stood up suddenly as the sound of Beethoven's Ode To Joy was broadcast, apparently from his head.
    • The whole atmosphere is of medieval times, and veiled women, their hands and feet hennaed with elaborate patterns, haggle in the markets and small shops which cluster the peripheries of the town.
    • Come to my house and my sister will henna the rest of your hair.
    • So, I stayed home and hennaed my hair while I downloaded all this new junk.
    • In the second term, I ditched the drab chain-store clothes, hennaed my hair and trendied myself up.
    • Her veil off, she wore her hennaed hair in a long braid.
    • He was an old man with hennaed hair and heavy plastic spectacles.
    • It provides a fascinating look at New Delhi as the city westernizes into a circus of cellphones, saris, hennaed hands and shiny BMWs.
    • She tilted her head, her long, hennaed hair rustling against her cheek.
    • It is not uncommon for brides and their friends to take over a bathhouse the night before the big day and go through the rituals of washing, depilation and even hennaing the hair.
    • With her sparse, hennaed hair and crimson lips, she greeted us with warm generosity.
    • She has bucked the trend of every heavy-tressed, hennaed housewife.