Translation of herb in Spanish:


hierba, n.

Pronunciation /həːb//(h)ərb/


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    hierba feminine
    yuyo masculine River Plate Peru
    medicinal herbs hierbas medicinales
    • before noun herb garden herbario
    • herb pillow almohadón relleno de hierbas aromáticas
    • herb tobacco tabaco de hierbas
    • Secluded from the street, you dine beside an herb garden, flowers and a fountain.
    • He makes his sirloin with an herb butter of parsley, tarragon, marjoram, basil, and sage.
    • This is just a small selection of the many herbs that are heat-tolerant; in the herb garden dry doesn't mean dreary.
    • There have long been local specialities of wines flavoured with herbs, spices, flowers, or nuts.
    • I also find the green leaves of ivy, herbs and other plants are beautiful as well.
    • Coriander is an ephemeral plant which only lasts two to three months, so you need to regularly plant new coriander in your herb garden.
    • For a couple of herbs, coriander and cilantro sure do cause a lot of confusion.
    • Consider planting themed gardens in them such as all blue flowers or Italian seasoning herbs.
    • Early March is the ideal time to start many slow-growing flower and herb seeds for this summer's garden.
    • Rosemary, the herb of remembrance, flavors holiday food and decorations.
    • The formal herb garden, crammed with medicinal and culinary plants, is the largest in Ireland.
    • Whether you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs or prefer to use them for their medicinal qualities, an herb garden can be a fun, satisfying hobby.
    • As a medicinal herb, lilies were said to treat burns, snakebite and even leprosy.
    • You can plant the herbs in the garden corners and at the very front for easy access.
    • This article explains how to start an indoor herb garden from plants or seed and how to properly care for it.
    • You can take time to select chocolate or apple mint, lemon basil, and pungent garlic from an herb garden.
    • But they take care of their herb gardens and flower gardens themselves.
    • Fresh chamomile can be used in wreaths and bouquets of flowers and herbs.
    • Making a lovely spreading mound of dark green leaves, lemon thyme is a fine addition to the herb garden.
    • One of them is fenugreek seed extract, a traditional herb medicine for treating diabetes.