Translation of hereditary in Spanish:


hereditario, adj.

Pronunciation /həˈrɛdəˌtɛri//hɪˈrɛdɪt(ə)ri/


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    (title/monarchy/right) hereditario
    (condition/defect/disease) hereditario
    • The passing on of property or titles is also hereditary and through the eldest male child of the family.
    • Beyond sitting in both Houses of Parliament, Willoughby fulfilled his hereditary responsibilities as an enthusiastic member of the Warwickshire Yeomanry.
    • Human trials of gene-based therapies aimed at both macular degeneration and hereditary blindness are set to begin in the U.K. perhaps as early as next year.
    • The identification of specific genes associated with hereditary cancer risk has enabled direct diagnosis of hereditary cancer syndromes through genetic analysis.
    • Nevertheless, prescription and hereditary right would never again command unchallenged consent as a basis for legitimate political authority.
    • It also extended to the butchers the extraordinary right to close their corporation, rendering membership strictly hereditary.
    • From 1133 the office was hereditary in the de Vere family, though with interruptions and vicissitudes, until it passed in 1626 to their cousins the Berties, as Lords Willoughby de Eresby.
    • Perhaps in this predicament, Edgeworth acknowledges the hereditary rights of the native Irish and the barriers that a lack of education has placed between them and those rights.
    • Now Canadian writer Alex Bulmer offers her experience of going blind in adulthood as a result of a hereditary genetic disease.
    • He said a foetus does, however, have rights in certain civil cases regarding hereditary rights whereby an unborn child may be entitled to an inheritance.
    • Ironically Arnold himself liked to express the occasional dislike of hereditary honours and titles.
    • A whole range of completely different maps would be obtained if the criterion was head shape, nose length, crinkliness of hair, relative lengths of arms and legs or any other hereditary difference.
    • A racial group is based on hereditary physical traits often identified with geography.
    • Most of such defects are hereditary and due to marriages between close relations.
    • An Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel, introduced the world to hereditary factors - genes - that determine all hereditary traits.
    • This study confirms that members of families with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer require surveillance with short intervals.
    • Because pernicious anemia can be hereditary, let your doctor know if you have a relative with the disorder so that he or she can test your blood every few years.
    • MS is not hereditary but can occur in more than one family member, suggesting a genetic predisposition.
    • This characteristic is hereditary, passed on from a person to his children.
    • The governors of the regions of Egypt gained hereditary claim to their offices and subsequently their families acquired large estates.
    • Belonging to the Japanese samurai class was a hereditary membership.
    • Haida Nation president Guujaaw handed the writ to Haida runners in a highly charged formal ceremony, with instructions to take their claim of hereditary title to the B.C. Supreme Court.
    • Continuity in government was no longer simply a matter of hereditary right; instead the state was increasingly perceived as autonomous, independent of whomever happened to be ruling at any given moment.
    • Although all of these diseases have hereditary factors, most can be prevented with relatively simple steps: healthy eating, being physically active, and not smoking.
    • Yoritomo took the title of shogun, which had been a temporary commission from the emperor, and made it a permanent hereditary office.
    • At low radiation doses, the principal concern is the risk of radiation-induced cancer in exposed individuals and hereditary disease in their descendants.
    • Christina believes that her condition may be hereditary as she shares them with her female relatives.
    • The 51-year-old inherited the baronetcy from his late father, Sir Denis, who had the hereditary title bestowed upon him after his wife ceased to be prime minister.
    • Discovering the presence of fibrinogen defect in another family member is the best way to show a hereditary condition.
    • The hereditary elements proposed by Darwin were more physical - and therein lay their downfall.
    • Koité, from Northwestern Mali, is a member of the hereditary Mande caste of musicians and craftsmen known as jalis.
    • Simon said there had been some evidence of an hereditary element to Alzheimer's.
    • While father had been forced to leave the hereditary title to his only son, he had made sure that I, his pet, would have a gorgeous dowry, and if I never married, access to anything I ever wanted.
    • The optimal surveillance frequency has not yet been defined in families with hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer.
    • Even if your lab results are normal, you might need to get blood tests again every few years if you have some of the signs of hereditary hemochromatosis or a relative with it.
    • They extend their speculations, even forecasting that, by genetic manipulation, they will be able to cure hereditary diseases and defects and, possibly, make a race having superior bodies and intellects.
    • These were members of the royal family whose dynasties became hereditary while their traditional districts were clearly defined by boundaries and Bemba names.
    • In an unusual gesture of papal appreciation, the title was made hereditary.
    • The original constitution restricted the right to vote by property but outlawed hereditary titles and added trial by jury in criminal cases.
    • Richard lasted only two years before he was deposed by Henry Tudor, a relation to the House of Lancaster but with no realistic hereditary claim to the throne.