Translation of heredity in Spanish:


herencia, n.

Pronunciation /həˈrɛdədi//hɪˈrɛdɪti/


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    herencia feminine
    • When asked about the role of heredity in the Wyeth-Hurd family, Michael believes strongly that it plays an unquestionably vital part in producing artists.
    • Genes are the physical units of heredity and are located along each chromosome in the cells of the human body.
    • For decades now, psychologists and geneticists alike have thought of heredity and environment as interactive - hence, the title of this article.
    • Fertilization therefore results in an egg carrying a nucleus with contributions from both parents, and it was concluded that the cell nucleus must contain the physical basis of heredity.
    • At one extreme, advocates of nature contend that intelligence is a function of heredity of genetics; you are either smart or not.
    • According to Doctor Robert Mtonga, a health practitioner, obesity can come as a result of nutritional habits or in some cases it is due to heredity in families.
    • On the one hand, his excursions into the mechanics of heredity and population genetics provide a valuable background for his rejection of racial and eugenic theories.
    • As the ultimate failed father, David Banner exemplifies the personification of heredity, of the passing down of not only mental and physical but even genetic imprints from father to child.
    • Their biology teacher has just given them an assignment about genes and heredity, expecting them to pass a five-page term paper by Wednesday.
    • The units of heredity, or genes, are DNA sequences that code for the synthesis of proteins.
    • Moreover, Watson is among the many geneticists who see heredity as the source of most social problems and who believe the solutions are to be found in genetic research.
    • Indeed, it formed the basis for the Mendelian chromosome theory of heredity and ultimately the theory of the gene.
    • Billed as ‘an animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity,’ the site is also a wonderful place to learn about the men and women who made the key discoveries.
    • In black rats, resistance was supposed to be multifactorial, judging from its unstable heredity.
    • At the time of your birth, in 1946, the scientific community was not yet generally aware that our heredity is stored in sequences of ‘letters’ within the chemical called DNA.
    • Rollin's delightful playfulness came out often in the most serious contexts, and I cannot resist describing something he said at the 1963 symposium on the control of human heredity.
    • By the age of nineteen, in 1909, Muller had already become committed to genetics and to the chromosome theory of heredity.
    • These two ardent atheists are being honored this year on the 50th anniversary of their discovery of the double helix structure of the molecule of heredity, DNA.
    • So, thousands of years before Gregor Mendel postulated his theories on genetics and heredity, indigenous Americans were breeding corn to select for desirable traits.
    • Long before we knew anything about the physical basis of heredity, factors or genes were identified in terms of their functional or phenotypic effects.