Translation of hermetic in Spanish:


hermético, adj.

Pronunciation /hərˈmɛdɪk//həːˈmɛtɪk/


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    hermetic seal cierre hermético masculine
    • It is also likely, as period accounts proposed, that the unusually tight hermetic seal of the four coffins and outer masonry helped to preserve the remains.
    • The dielectric layer is itself its own hermetic seal against the substrate, and readily lends itself to the formation of the additional hermetic seal needed between itself and the cover plate.
    • Is the protective barrier hermetic or will its atmosphere change over time, potentially leading to the early death of the device?
    • Stuff from the shop came without safety caps and hermetic seals because no one had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger?
    • Lids are attached using the company's Ultraseal technology, which produces a hermetic seal in less than 2 seconds.
    • The metallization allows the fiber to be soldered to the ferrule, which in turn can be brazed to the side of the package for a hermetic seal.
    • This provides a hermetic seal between the syringe luer tip and the valve.
    • From here, you ascend to a functional level of hermetic cylindrical pods, containing lavatories and storage.
    • The hermetic seals have been sabotaged; we have infiltrators within our ranks.
    • Every step, from die preparation to package seal, must be performed in a Class 100 clean-room environment until the device is safely sealed in a clean, hermetic package.
    • The pack's hermetic seal prevents further contamination.
    • Soon a strong smell penetrated the cabin - the rubber gaskets of the hermetic seal of the hatch were burning.
    • The survey determined that the reactor's hermetic seal was broken but that radiation emission was so minor that people and the environment were not endangered.
    • Solders containing about 2% tin (remainder lead) are used for can side seams to provide hermetic seals.
    • ‘If it's made properly and sealed properly, you provide hermetic sealing that keeps oxygen and air out,’ says Dunlap.
    • The massive value of a single 300 mm wafer is accelerating the trend towards more hermetic production processes.
    • The still head and still body must have a hermetic seal.
    • NBC equipment includes a filter ventilation unit as well as hermetic sealing.
    • Electroforms have been used as flexible joints, hermetic seals, electromagnetic shields, and other special functions, and have long provided designers with unusual shapes.
    • The samples are then analyzed at the IAEA and other laboratories in ‘clean’ rooms, where air flow and hermetic seals maintain a contamination-free environment.