Translation of herself in Spanish:


Pronunciation /hərˈsɛlf//həːˈsɛlf/


  • 1

    she behaved herself se portó bien
    • she bought herself a hat se compró un sombrero
    • she only thinks of herself solo piensa en sí misma
    • she was by herself estaba sola
    • she did it by herself lo hizo ella sola
    • she was talking to herself estaba hablando sola
    • something's not right, she thought to herself —pasa algo —pensó para sí / para sus adentros
    • Valerie used to go to Southend and treat herself to a cup of coffee when she was feeling down.
    • A man approached her and said that he saw a bird make the mess and offered to help her clean herself up.
    • In this case the subject of the spell literally worries himself or herself to death.
    • Miss Widdecombe does herself and her party no service at all by carrying on in this manner.
    • It took a further four years before she could bring herself to contact the police.
    • Alice is forced out of the village but finds herself following in his path across the world.
    • There was lots of room for her to reveal herself as a positive person as opposed to the way it went.
    • She took the cup, gave it to me and took one for herself, looking at me with her keen grey eyes.
    • Angie had the chance to spoil herself with a bath and massages but she chose to just enjoy the peace.
    • She may be able to make herself popular but nothing she can do will ever make Elizabeth loved.
    • The condition can cause a mother to harm her children to attract attention to herself.
    • She felt upset by her anger as she had always regarded herself as a forgiving person in the past.
    • She didn't see why she could just call herself a female Marquis and have done with it!
    • Instead she found herself in a room so crammed full of people that there was nowhere for her to sit.
    • She smiles when Mamaji screeches at her to cover herself up and tie back her hair.
    • She poured herself a cup from the flask she had tucked away in the holdall she'd brought.
    • As he is busy working most of the time, Charlotte is left to entertain herself as best she can.
    • Mollie then left her job to stay at home to make a home life for her father and herself.
    • She also did a night shift on one of the wings and had to raise the alarm after a prisoner tried to harm herself.
    • Her fear and anger spread to nearby animals because she was unable to keep herself in check.
  • 2

    (emphatic use)
    ella misma
    she told me so herself me lo dijo ella misma
    • here's the woman herself aquí está ella en persona
    • He hopes she might buy it herself, but admits he is not too concerned who gets it.
    • She herself hopes that when the time comes for her to die, she will be able to do so with peace and dignity.
    • It makes a person want to help others and to become a better person himself or herself.
    • Randall herself goes on to tell me students of hers often make the same comparison.
    • As for Felicity herself, she remains as elusive at the end as she was at the beginning.
    • So it is for each defendant himself or herself to decide whether to answer or not.
    • We tried to help them but she just shooed us out of the way and told us she could do it herself.
    • The leader of our council has no confidence in the schools which she runs herself.
    • Sara said she loved going to Yearsley herself once a week when a volunteer sat with Ethan.
    • The new partnership will also see Wark herself play more of a back seat role in the new company.
    • Yet she is a practising Christian and has been at the wrong end of adultery herself.
    • She told me herself and I laughed until my eyes leaked tears and my nose leaked snot.
    • She first saw the light herself as a child of seven in her home town of Sheffield.
    • It is understood that no approach has yet been made to Thatcher herself over the plans.
    • In fact in retrospect, he is a much more absorbing artist than the old girl herself.
    • If the split was initiated by the minister herself, what were her grounds for doing so?
  • 3

    (normal self)
    she's not herself no es la de siempre