Translation of hickey in Spanish:


chupón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɪki//ˈhɪki/

nounPlural hickeys


  • 1

    (love bite)
    (marca dejada por un beso) chupón masculine informal
    • I looked up and caught sight of myself in the mirror, a startled-looking girl with several small red marks running down the side of her neck and a hickey the size of North Dakota on her chest…
    • I couldn't believe that my mother had seen hickeys on my neck!
    • I knew that in the morning I would have to use cover-up on the new hickeys that he had marked me with.
    • Well you were way too busy making out with Andrew - I'm guessing that hickey is from him.
    • The next morning, I came to life smelling of smoke, with a twisted ankle, a lot less money, and this really, really big hickey.
    • Then you disappear for an hour and when you return you have a huge red hickey on your neck.
    • On the way home he noticed a huge hickey on his neck.
    • Jake then rose an eyebrow as he pointed towards my neck, ‘Allen, is that a hickey?’
    • He had a blonde girl, different from the one I saw him with at the movies last week, perched on his lap and she appeared to be in the process of giving him a hickey on his neck.
    • I can't take off the turtleneck and reveal the hickey, so every time he leaves the kitchen, I'm lifting up my sweater and fanning myself to cool off.
    • He's wearing pretty nondescript jeans, Chuck Taylor shoes and a polo neck shirt, buttoned open to display the hickey on his neck which just screams ‘I got some last night!’
    • She kept fiddling with her halter, but nothing could hide the hickeys Nick had given her.
    • You've got a huge hickey coming in right there,’ I said pointing towards her neck.
    • You let some guy give you a hickey and you didn't tell me?
    • I'd covered up my hickeys with makeup until they faded.
    • The only bad thing is he left these huge, dark hickeys all over my neck!
    • And he looked at me kind of funny and he said, don't worry, mom, it's not a hickey.
    • I was gonna have one hell of a hickey tomorrow, I thought.
    • I did notice the two quarter sized hickeys on his neck though.
  • 2

    grano masculine
    espinilla feminine Latin America
    pepa feminine Venezuela informal