Translation of hideous in Spanish:


horroroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhɪdɪəs//ˈhɪdiəs/


  • 1

    (monster/sight/face/grin) horroroso
    (monster/sight/face/grin) horrible
    • She described a hideous humpbacked creature with stumpy horns, and bristles down the back of a long neck.
    • The hideous scar on his back is a testimony to the violence that was inflicted upon him by the police when he was just a helpless baby.
    • Are you wearing those hideous glasses to hide your dilated pupils or something?
    • She was wearing a hideous brown dress, complete with mules and a patent black belt.
    • Sure I ain't gonna win any beauty contests, but I am not the hideous, scary freak I had been hiding from.
    • His best comments were not reserved for the performers, but for that hideous shrieking female host.
    • The characters are either utterly hideous or desperately beautiful.
    • She is not a hideous woman but you would think he was marrying a horse by the cruel way the media treat her.
    • It is a still a point of hot debate with skiers as to whether Les Arcs is a work of architectural genius, or simply a hideous alpine eyesore.
    • The replacement number 9 buses are hideous - nasty boxy double deckers with zero character.
    • Thankfully all photographic evidence of our tour of the Loire Valley has been destroyed, so no one will ever be able to confirm how truly hideous my outfit was.
    • Holden Road was sold for 30 grand to a property developer who tore it down and a hideous development stands on the site.
    • Another bugbear of childbearing is the pregnancy bra - a hideous garment.
    • The façade is a hideous green, possibly painted two decades ago and impossibly free of graffiti.
    • I wear a hideous uniform during my working days, so outside that time, I'm relaxed.
    • As well as animal forms, demons can have other grotesque and hideous forms.
    • What this month is all about is a bit of fun to raise some money for a worthy charity while looking hideous for an entire month.
    • If you decide that your girlfriend was right and you are rather hideous then don't despair.
    • They are hideous examples of concrete brutalism, dilapidated and badly-run and best demolished.
    • Whereas his earlier paintings portrayed women as hideous, gargoyle-like creatures, there was a distinct progression and a definite softening in his outlook.
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    (accident/crime/fate) espantoso
    • We will continue to utilise all our expertise and resources to ensure that the culprits responsible for this hideous crime are brought to book.
    • His passengers had to suffer a hideous rollercoaster ride as the car hit the kerb or mounted the pavement at breathtaking speed.
    • She stuck her arms up into the air and laughed a hideous, horrible laugh.
    • I nearly stayed in, but the thought of the Scottish TV Hogmanay special was just too hideous to contemplate.
    • Being caught in the middle of someone else's family argument is hideous and embarrassing.
    • What happened today was a hideous crime. It was incredibly well organised and highly co-ordinated.
    • I was sleeping in a tent, and woke up at 5 in the morning feeling hideous.
    • Cielle was awoken by the most hideous sound she had ever heard in her life.
    • We have to rely on the federal senate to block this hideous sick piece of legislation, otherwise we are sunk.
    • It simply discloses a new and hideous fact about the world order.
    • It was a dignified response in the face of hideous provocation.
    • I have a dear friend, who went through a hideous divorce after a very messy marriage.
    • As in so many American plays, the past haunts the present and contains a hideous secret that is known but never acknowledged.
    • To this day, I still feel appalled that there are people who have such hideous and dark sides to them.
    • Doesn't it smack of the most hideous hypocrisy and moral weakness?
    • The hideous hangovers and post booze blues mean that the older I get the less I drink which is probably for the best for all concerned.
    • The best thing about this withdrawal is that my first was so hideous that this seems like a walk in the park.
    • A human life has ended through one of the most hideous execution methods ever devised.
    • During a secret speech in February 1956 (which was almost immediately leaked to the Western media) he condemned the policies of the hitherto much admired Stalin and accused him of hideous crimes.
    • To make things worse we had the hideous spectacle of a peace campaigner being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.
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    (color/furniture/clothes) horrendo
    (furniture/clothes/color) espantoso
    you look perfectly hideous in that dress ese vestido te queda horrendo / espantoso