Translation of high-born in Spanish:


de alta alcurnia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪˌbɔrn///


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    de alta alcurnia
    • The thought of a high-born babe with the hots for him convinces Fred that it's time to explore the charms of the English countryside.
    • As opposed to going through the trouble of absorbing the protocol and high-born accents associated with being a duke, to appear to be a member of the rock-and-roll royalty you merely need to act arrogantly and expect to get things for free.
    • Born Catholic Daisy O'Dwyer in County Tipperary, she later claimed descent from a high-born Protestant family.
    • He respects me, though I am neither beautiful nor a high-born noblewoman.
    • He became a member of ‘the merry gang’, a group of talented, high-born thugs and hooligans.
    • Sensing a threat both to their property and their prerogative, the high-born gentlemen put an end to the little experiment in selfless utopianism.
    • I am not some high-born aristocrat that cannot get her own food.
    • Barrett's wife Wakaiwa, or Rawinia as she was known, was a tall, handsome, high-born woman who towered over her husband.
    • The high-born were not expected to travel on Sundays.
    • His accent was that of the high-born Englishman.
    • Raised a Catholic, he came from a high-born family; his father was a rich timber merchant, and his mother a friend of Egypt's King Farouk.
    • Traditionally, a colonel in the British Army would likely be from a high-born, well-known family with documented heraldry and pedigree.
    • Helena, played by Janet Moran, is a lowly physician's daughter who has her eye on her high-born master, Bertram, Count of Roussillon.
    • His tempestuous and often frustrated adventures with women, such as Mrs Hornbeck and a high-born Flemish lady, succeed each other pell-mell, and his brief repentances are always overcome by the next violent passion.
    • The year before, in 1881, Kano had graduated from Tokyo Imperial University and soon secured a position as a literature instructor at Gakushuin (Peer's School), an exclusive school for the children of high-born Japanese.
    • After all these years he still marveled that he, Gaetano Nicola Russo, was deemed equal under law with anyone in the country, no matter how wealthy or high-born.
    • Though high-born, he was propelled more by his conviction that he was a man of destiny than any class or tribal loyalty.
    • It goes on to say that, ‘Previously the judicial system had paid heed to caste distinctions and had differentiated between the so-called high-born and low-born.’
    • While this ceremony had many more high-born witnesses than had his earlier nuptials with Lady Douglas, both of Leicester's wives were kept just as secretly, since he still continued on the most intimate terms with their sovereign.
    • I don't know whether Satish had read the Bhagavad Gita, but he was a Hindu, a high-born Brahmin at that.