Translation of high-minded in Spanish:


altruista, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈhaɪ ˈˌmaɪndɪd/


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    • This is a film you can admire for its mix of cool looks and high-minded purpose, but it has lots of principles and no personalities.
    • It seems clear that despite all the high-minded language about offending democracy and the law, protesters are judged not according to what they do but why they do it.
    • They are not interested in lofty visions and high-minded idealism.
    • ITV pays lip-service to those high-minded ideals, while quietly slipping out programmes like When Celebrities Strip.
    • The British House of Commons is a place where people hoot and holler, and high-minded debate is also encouraged.
    • It's unquestionably a high-minded and ambitious piece of work.
    • Since starting the whirlwind publicity tour to promote his autobiography, he has done his best to seem high-minded.
    • But is their aesthetic really as thought-out, or as high-minded as you make it out to be?
    • They aren't noticeably brave or ostentatiously high-minded.
    • Maybe there is a better way to run for public office, but no serious candidate is willing to risk defeat in the high-minded quest to find it.
    • Suffice to say I am suspicious of the self-righteous and high-minded motives you gave for pursuing this line of attack.
    • Ultimately, the Super Girls is only an entertainment program and should not be the subject of such high-minded discussion.
    • Both editors offered high-minded defences for their cheap gibes.
    • They're tired of politicians who parade across the world stage making high-minded promises when all they want is someone to make their lives a bit easier.
    • There are many of us who like to think we are too high-minded for reality television and the down-and-dirty roustabout of confessional chat shows.
    • There was nothing high-minded about the way he played politics.
    • It looks unhappily as if the high-minded director and her main character are dipping a quivering toe in the waters of non-PC sexuality.
    • Can television really afford to be this high-minded?
    • Who is so high-minded that such thoughts never crossed his/her mind?
    • Even the most high-minded government is not infallible.