Translation of high-octane in Spanish:


de alto octanaje, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈhaɪ ˈˌɑkteɪn/


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    de alto octanaje
    • That is why high-performance cars generally need high-octane gasoline - their engines are using higher compression ratios to get more power.
    • The AA says if you do that to a vehicle designed to run on high-octane petrol, the engine ‘would seize’.
    • There is a region in south Philadelphia where the underground water is known to be polluted with high-octane gasoline.
    • A petrol tank containing high-octane fuel is beside your seat.
    • The 100 cc motor is worth $3000 on its own and the kart runs on high-octane fuel, which costs about $4.80 per litre.