Translation of high-strung in Spanish:


nervioso, adj.

(British highly-strung)

Pronunciation ///ˈhaɪ ˈˌstrəŋ/


  • 1

    (person) nervioso
    (horse/dog) muy excitable
    he's very high-strung es muy nervioso
    • And I heard that he came across as very tense and high-strung, while Coleman was more relaxed and natural.
    • I do have to say, however, that Mrs. D. turned out to be an okay lady and inexplicably rather fond of me, but that woman was so high-strung I always wanted to ask her if she'd taken her pills that day.
    • He was a difficult man - high-strung and unpredictable, at times nearly hysterical.
    • She's so high-strung you can hear her twanging.
    • I was always a bit high-strung and a bit neurotic.
    • Leigh's interpretation has a high-strung quality, a wildness that hints in some scenes of being on the edge of hysteria.
    • The Brazilian fans' samba rhythms may be loose, but when it comes to their national team, they are incredibly high-strung and impatient.
    • Delaney rolled her eyes at the mention of John's overbearing girlfriend, Virginia; a woman she found to be rather high-strung.
    • I'm not blaming my kid, but she's very high-strung.
    • If you're a red-faced hockey dad in Massachusetts, a high-strung cheerleading mom in Texas or some other species of overzealous sports parent, be warned.
    • Actors were high-strung at the best of times, but with the pressure of performance couples frequently fought, tearing the cast apart.
    • Jesus, Veronica, you never used to be this high-strung.
    • On top of that, the couple - John the nice passive accommodator to Deb's high-strung perfectionism - are going through marital problems that neither of them are able to articulate.
    • How can one be so mellow and the other so high-strung?
    • Earlier this year, the Valley Center doctors had to deal with a request from a high-strung expectant mother who had been bedridden in Valley Hospital for a month to prevent premature birth.
    • The high-strung Sadler's Wells colt galloped smoothly, but returned to the barn lathered up on his neck, a sign of nervousness he has betrayed before many of his European races.
    • ‘Listen, she's just a little high-strung at the moment,’ he explained, gesturing lightly towards Sydney.
    • He scoots from machine to machine, checking e-mail and monitoring file-trading activity while occasionally scolding Cookie, his high-strung pit bull puppy.
    • The race was delayed 15 minutes, a potential disaster for Hat Trick and fellow high-strung horses Rakti and Asakusa Den'en from Japan.
    • Set in the 1930s, the play shows us the high-strung Albertine as a frighteningly intense 20 year old.