Translation of high-water mark in Spanish:

high-water mark

línea de pleamar, n.

Pronunciation /haɪ ˈwɔdər///


  • 1

    (of tide)
    línea de pleamar feminine
    • Above the high-water mark are the beaches or the coastline.
    • South Africa claims that the border is at the high-water mark on the northern side of the river while Namibia insists it is in the middle of the river.
    • So, in our submission, the mean high-water mark is the average point to which the sea reaches between those times.
    • The mosque stood on a grassy bank just above the high-water mark.
    • We have to protect that strip of land that is from the high-water mark to the low-water mark.
  • 2

    (highest point)
    cénit masculine
    apogeo masculine