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    • Mine are hung for no more than 2 or 3 days especially over the last few years what with the milder winters. Its a question of taste and how high you like your bird.
    • The meat was quite high with complex strong flavours, which is just the way I like it.
  • 2

    récord masculine
    inflation reached a new high la inflación alcanzó un nuevo récord
  • 3

    on high en las alturas
    • a new directive from on high una nueva directiva de arriba / de las altas esferas
  • 4

    zona de altas presiones feminine
  • 5

    (high temperature)
    máxima feminine
  • 6informal

    (from drugs, euphoria)
    viaje masculine informal
    colocón masculine Spain informal
    pasón masculine Mexico informal
    I'm on a real high at the moment las cosas me están yendo de maravilla
  • 7US

    Motor vehicles
    (top gear)
    directa feminine
    in high en directa
    • to move into high meter la directa
  • 8informal

    (high school)
    cole masculine informal