Translation of high in Spanish:


alto, adj.

Pronunciation /hʌɪ//haɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (mountain/building/wall) alto
      how high is it? ¿qué altura tiene?
      • the tower is 40 m high la torre tiene 40 m de alto / de altura
      • a 12 ft high wall un muro de 12 pies de alto / de altura
      • I've known him since he was this high lo conozco desde que era así (de pequeño)
      • Veteran climbers bemoan the increasing commercialisation of high peaks such as Everest and K2.
      • The open area is secured by high boarding and is used for car parking.
      • He said policing the gardens was difficult as they were secluded and surrounded by a high hedge and fence.
      • The conditions in the high mountains were hard and four of our group turned back.
      • Climatic effects are accentuated on the high elevations of these mountain ranges.
      • To the south there are high mountains, covered in thick spring snow.
      • Old rocks predominate and high hills and mountains are more common.
      • Climbing and trekking are obvious income sources for countries endowed with high mountain ranges.
      • Crystal clear streams flow down from the high mountains into the Datong River.
      • Sherpas, well known as mountain guides and porters, live in the high mountains of E. Nepal.
      • In the high mountains, where there are large falls of snow, there can also be avalanches.
      • It was a place untouched by man, for the mountain was far too high, and far too treacherous.
      • Alice Springs is surrounded by high black mountains, similar to the mountains of Mecca.
      • It is a country dominated by high peaks and wide flat stretches of lava field, powerful waterfalls and creaking glaciers.
      • Watch the skies if you happen to be walking near any high buildings.
      • Although the new policy is a little late for the downtown area, which is already over-crowded with high buildings, there is still a lot the city can do to improve the situation.
      • It's the one thing that will keep you going when that mountain seems just too high to climb.
      • They are planning to install high fences and replace the smashed windows, which have been boarded up.
      • The terraced waterfalls are picturesque against the backdrop of high, green mountains.
      • In the centre of the 10 km deep crater is a mountain almost as high as Mount Everest.

    • 1.2

      (balcony/window/ledge) alto
      (plateau) elevado
      at a high altitude a gran altitud
      • to take a high dive zambullirse / tirarse desde lo alto
      • the river is very high el río está muy alto / crecido
      • this is the highest the river has been since last spring es la máxima altura que ha alcanzado el río desde la primavera pasada
      • a high forehead una frente amplia
      • high cheekbones pómulos salientes
      • This area has a wonderfully high ceiling and gets plenty of natural light through a large window and patio doors.
      • Filming at high altitude in the Peruvian Andes wasn't always much fun.
      • Alpine plants are those that are naturally found in high altitudes.
      • It's another gorgeous day. There were some high cirrus clouds earlier and it looks like they're coming back, but, for the most part, it's just been beautiful.
      • Few people have ever survived such a serious injury at such high altitude.
      • Inland, a high central plateau drops eastward towards the vegetated dunes of the Kalahari Desert.
      • Ben knew Joe had a fear of heights, and the ledge was high off the ground.
      • I didn't get a hint of back-ache from the driving seat, or from pulling gear in and out of the high luggage area.
      • Most sports utility vehicles are so high off the ground that your dog has to be virtually airborne or a St Bernard to be able to climb in.
      • Rare species of bird inhabit the higher branches of the trees.
      • The plant is easy to propagate, and tolerates poor soil, high altitudes, and harsh climates.
      • At high altitudes, the thin air makes it hard to breathe unless the cabin is pressurized.
      • It's more likely to occur if you're exercising in hot weather or at a high altitude.
      • In common with the living room, the dining area has a high ceiling and a fireplace.
      • The window was much too high up for her to reach, but unlike the one in the bathroom, it was large enough for her to squeeze through.
      • To the left of the reception hall is the drawing room with an attractive period fireplace, original wooden floors, high ceilings and large windows.
      • Because of its high altitude, it is typically one of the first Scottish roads to be closed during bad winter weather.
      • Remember that the overland trip will help you acclimatize to the high altitude.
      • The speakers will be installed throughout the station in inaccessible or high areas to stop them being vandalised.
      • You enter a long narrow main room with a shimmering disco ball hanging from a high ceiling.

    • 1.3(in status)

      (officials/rank/office) alto
      I have it on the highest authority lo sé de muy buena fuente / tinta
      • she moves in high/the highest circles se mueve en las altas esferas/los círculos más elevados
      • Respect for the preservation of the environment was high on his sense of priorities.
      • Getting water is high on everyone's list of priorities and takes up a good part of a resident's time.
      • We have many women in high positions in the Church especially working in parishes.
      • Robert Altman has definitely made better films, but this one must rank high on the list.
      • Lydon has much to offer, but Woodward elevated him to high office incredibly early in his coaching career.
      • None of his are thought through, a dangerous fault for someone so high in Government.
      • The escalating problem of unruly, yobbish behaviour is now high on the agenda for politicians of all persuasions.
      • For someone in such a high position to dismiss and discount this argument is really worrying.
      • Arthur Balfour unexpectedly rewarded him by appointing him Chancellor of the Exchequer, a higher office than he had ever received under the Liberals or the Lloyd George coalition.
      • Politics is much more of a closed shop in Britain and Australia than it is in the US. You have to have go through a certain lengthy career path in the party and parliament before standing for any high office.
      • He stressed that other high positions in the organisation are filled by those committed to conservation.
      • Press conferences are usually reserved for those higher in the chain of command.
      • What is it like for a woman in Taiwan to rise to such a high position, and what challenges have you faced?
      • Finding a permanent home for the campus is high on the university's agenda.
      • In addition to housing and employment, education and tackling crime are also high on their agenda.
      • Road traffic accident reduction is a high priority for North Yorkshire firefighters and our partners.
      • At that point in time, the impending smoking ban and the effect it would have on drink sales were high on the agenda.
      • He said this situation had put the issue of imports very high on the agenda.
      • He also achieved a high position in the Academy at Geneva, becoming its rector.
      • Frank just happened to have a family member who had a high position in Microsoft.

    • 1.4(morally, ethically)

      (ideals/principles/aims) elevado
      • One final relevant feature of postmodernity is its mixture of popular and high culture.
      • Once realized, this consciousness leads to an awareness of something higher than physical needs, emotional desires, and survival demands dictated by hormones or organs.
      • This was a right old mish-mash of high art and low culture, sport and theatre.
      • Literature was no exception, and Shakespeare was eagerly received as the epitome of high culture.
      • The auteur's true genius lies in his ability to combine high art with popular culture.
      • Ernest's father, a man of high ideals, was very strict and censored the books he allowed his children to read.
      • Chapter 7 looks at the part that the Bible has played in high and popular culture.
      • Lisa and I are off for an afternoon of high culture at the theatre.
      • What his parents lacked in high culture, they made up for in political principles.
      • During this period the gap between most forms of high culture and popular culture remained wide.
      • The classics had a profound presence not only in the high culture, but in the inner lives of educated persons.
      • The Czechs are nothing if not talented musicians with a deep love of fine culture and high art.
      • Her films and writings establish an exchange between high and popular culture, art and commerce.
      • While he argues that the opposition of high and low art is wrong, he does so only because he doesn't know what high art is in the first place.
      • The new Millennium wing at the National Gallery represents the marriage of high ideals and fine art.
      • An occasional snobbery still persists - theatre is the high art, film its lesser cousin.
      • It may not have been high art, but for sheer singalong spectacle and professionalism it was unbeatable.
      • It would have been the kiss of death for his career - but if he really was motivated by high principles then at least he would know he had done the right thing.
      • Popular taste is a good guide to the temper of the times, much more so than highbrow high culture.
      • Persian was the court language and the language of literature and of high culture.

    • 1.5(in pitch)

      (voice) agudo
      (note) alto
      the speech ended on a high note el discurso terminó con una nota de optimismo
      • All of a sudden, the stillness of the air was torn by the loud, shrill sound of a klaxon wailing at high pitch.
      • Her voice could reach such a high pitch, that it could actually cause a dog to lose its sanity.
      • As they cross into his yard, their voices fade to a dull murmur punctuated by high laughter.
      • Did you know that as human ears age, they lose the ability to pick up high pitches?
      • A high whining sound came from the other end, and he held the phone away from his ear, rolling his eyes and grimacing.
      • ‘You're hurt,’ she said in her high childish voice.
      • The intro was played softly and her voice was high and sweet, singing the melody.
      • The best singers started their song at a low pitch to suit the range with which their voices are able to cope, and did not try songs which required them to reach high notes.
      • The sound of the drill is high and shrill and shatters the silence in my room.
      • A high sing-song voice rang from the kitchen and a woman appeared.
      • She has this really high shrill voice that makes me cringe every time she speaks.
      • Her voice was high and almost childish as she gave the man a playful swat on the arm.

  • 2

    • 2.1(considerable, greater than usual)

      (number/score/interest rate/salary) alto
      (voltage/current/pressure) alto
      (velocity/speed) alto
      (wind) fuerte
      (temperature/fever) alto
      he has a very high color tiene un color muy subido
      • think of a number higher than five piensa en un número mayor que cinco
      • the high latitudes las altas latitudes
      • the temperature was in the high eighties la temperatura rondaba los noventa grados
      • the death toll could rise as high as 20 el número de muertos podría elevarse a 20
      • unemployment is very high hay mucho desempleo
      • the high cost of giving in to terrorism el alto precio que se paga por ceder al terrorismo
      • to pay a high price for sth pagar algo muy caro
      • they've paid a high price for failure han pagado muy caro el fracaso
      • to play for high stakes apostar fuerte
      • my hopes were high as I set out tenía grandes esperanzas al partir
      • Byzantine art finds its highest expression in … el arte bizantino tiene su expresión más depurada en …
      • to be high in sth ser rico en algo
      • high in protein rico en proteínas
      • Waves on Puget Sound were so high that day that only four crew members could row.
      • The firm says demand for industrial property from purchasers in the West Yorkshire area is high.
      • Staff are also expressing concerns over job security, high workloads and excessive hours.
      • He added that staff would be asked to work extra hours to cope with the high volume of business during the festive period.
      • My personal opinion on the speed limits of this country is that they are too high for residential areas.
      • Meanwhile, melt the remaining butter and the oil in a frying pan, add the mushrooms and fry over a high heat until golden brown.
      • It was one of the most daring missions of the Second World War - and the stakes had never been higher.
      • Many of us eat to excess and eat too many foods with a high sugar content.
      • Cashews are high in protein and carbohydrate as well as being rich in vitamin A.
      • The only difference is the stakes are significantly higher.
      • As a result, many people may find they are actually over-insured and paying unnecessarily high premiums.
      • Although he was earning a relatively high salary, he found the job extremely stressful.
      • Chickpeas are exceptionally high in protein and very low in fat, making them an ideal food.
      • Educational standards in the area are high, particularly among younger people.
      • This often means they pay workers low wages and charge customers high prices.
      • This three-bedroom period house has been extended and renovated to a very high standard.
      • He said the area had a high percentage of children under four, and many parents were without family support.
      • It seems to me that many in the U.S. don't quite appreciate how high the stakes are.
      • The first deal is decided between two opponents who each cut the cards - whoever cuts the higher card has the slight advantage of dealing first.
      • The chilly weather and high wind affected his performance, according to Zhang.
      • The normal purpose of any cartel is to keep prices high by controlling supply and demand.
      • You are 65, but you played for high stakes over several years, and eventually you lost.
      • This area has high unemployment, and mortality is above the national average.
      • Ten of those caught face a court appearance, mostly because they were clocked doing excessively high speeds.
      • But one of the factors that made cancer treatment expensive was the high cost of the drugs.
      • But poker is most interesting when the stakes are high and small fortunes rest on the draw of a card.

    • 2.2(good, favorable)

      to hold sb in high esteem tener a algn en gran / en mucha estima
      • he has a high regard for you tiene muy buen concepto de ti

    • 2.3Games

      (throw/card) alto

  • 3

    • 3.1

      a moment of high drama/comedy un momento muy dramático/comiquísimo
      • a tale of high adventure una historia de grandes aventuras

    • 3.2(climactic)

      the high point of the novel el punto culminante de la novela

  • 4

    • 4.1(happy, excited)

      she was in high spirits estaba muy animada

    • 4.2informal (intoxicated)

      colocado Spain informal
      to be/get high on sth estar colocado/colocarse con algo Spain informal
      • During some of these incidents he admitted to being high on heroin and cocaine.
      • They were pursuing a mirage of infinite wealth in private aeroplanes, high on champagne and designer drugs.
      • This witness also admitted to being high on crack cocaine, marijuana and beer the night of the killing.
      • During the three-week trial the jury heard Giles, 19, was high on drink and drugs at the time of the attack.
      • He admitted that he had no idea what he was doing on the day of the murders because he was so high on drugs.
      • He is fat, lazy, moody, gluttonous, horny and pretty much constantly drunk or high on hashish.
      • It was 2001 when Joe was physically attacked by a passenger he believes was high on drugs.
      • The defence lawyer noted that he was high on crack cocaine at the time of the stabbing.
      • Maybe I am still high from all the joints I smoked earlier this evening.
      • He used to come home high on marijuana and my little sisters were seeing him like that, so I have seen what drugs can lead to.
      • In fact, as the hours wore on, I found I was feeling charged and a little high with all the chocolate.
      • This wasn't the boy who seemed to be high on opium every time I met him.
      • It was also alleged he rang Miss A in the early hours telling her he was high on cocaine and that he wanted to perform a sex act with her.
      • I could tell that she had slept hardly at all during the day, she was probably still high from the night before.
      • Once again a boorish minority, high on drugs or drink, is to blame.

  • 5

    (of time, period)
    in high summer en pleno verano
    • high Gothic el gótico tardío
  • 6

    (game) que huele fuerte
    (meat) pasado
    • The meat was quite high with complex strong flavours, which is just the way I like it.
    • Mine are hung for no more than 2 or 3 days especially over the last few years what with the milder winters. Its a question of taste and how high you like your bird.