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    • 1.1

      (fly) alto
      the tower loomed high over the town la torre se erguía / se alzaba por encima de la ciudad
      • the mountain towered high above us la montaña se elevaba dominante sobre nosotros
      • they built ever higher construían cada vez más alto
      • high in the sky en lo alto del cielo
      • high overhead en las alturas
      • high up en lo alto
      • if you go a bit higher up, you'll get a better view si subes un poco más, tendrás mejor vista
      • the Bears are fairly high in the league los Bears están entre los primeros de la liga
      • it's pretty high (up) on the agenda es uno de los asuntos más importantes
      • The circular table in his office is piled high with newspapers and books that he intends to read if only he could find the time.
      • The female builds the nest, which is located on a horizontal branch high up in a conifer tree.
      • The decor is sparse and dated, but staff are friendly and keen to explain the different dishes. There is no wait service - you just grab a tray and pile it high.
      • Exploding gas tanks launched huge fireballs and black plumes of smoke high into the air.
      • Some athletes take steroids in the hopes that they will improve their ability to run faster, hit farther, lift heavier weights, jump higher, or have more endurance.
      • The shade in which they had been resting was rapidly disappearing as the sun rose high into the sky.
      • So, despite these edicts, new apartment houses continued to be built five or six storeys high.
      • All of the larger lakes in Gran Canaria are situated high up in the mountains.
      • But some governments placed it higher on their agendas than others.
      • In one corner of the room sat a desk and chair, both made of maple wood and piled high with various papers.
      • Any visit to his house was likely to involve a discussion about the placing of a sculpture or just how high on the wall a tapestry should hang.
      • Around ten minutes to three I observe a plane flying high overhead and heading out towards the Atlantic.
      • Our main focus is on promoting young talent and we are developing this sponsorship to recognise individuals who aim high and work hard.
      • At last they stopped to eat and rest again, as the sun reached its zenith high above.
      • He was balding, pudgy, pale and had his pants hitched up a little too high on his waist.
      • Across the room stood a tower of vinyl albums stacked about 14 feet high.
      • The sun was already high in a cloudless blue sky and a heat haze shrouded the surrounding mountains.
      • If you prefer the sun head to North Costa Blanca in Spain where, set high on a hill in the Jalon valley is a four bedroom villa with its own swimming pool and sun terrace just an hour from Alicante airport.
      • Dishes from yesterday's dinner are piled high in the sink.
      • The cheap seats way up high are packed and, in the orchestra, there are just a few empties.
      • I was a little concerned that I would pitch my material too high or too low.
      • Mr Bond said that before the council collected the mess this week it was piled five feet high against the wall of the flats.

    • 1.2(in status)

      to aim high apuntar alto
      • he's risen high in his profession ha llegado alto en su profesión
      • There is no great benefit from ranking high this year as next year there are no World Championships.
      • He scored high on intelligence tests, is ambidextrous and is known as a hard worker.
      • It has to be said that Pas de la Casa is boring, unless getting legless ranks high on your list.
      • People who listen to Mozart then score slightly higher on specific tests of cognitive function.
      • What is lacking are not the resources, but the political will. It is clear these topics do not rate very high on his agenda.
      • The only cities to rate higher on the index were London, Paris and Helsinki.
      • The babies whose parents signed to them later scored higher on repeated tests of verbal ability.

    • 1.3(in pitch)

      (sing) alto
      • My voice went high with excitement.
      • We, the campaigners for radical change, have to raise our voices high.
      • Without realizing it, I had raised my voice high enough for the whole class to hear.
      • ‘No!’ Stephanie raises her voice higher than she had anticipated. ‘That's not it at all!’
      • I sang tenor and there was only like three of us in the whole school who could sing high like that.

  • 2

    • 2.1(in amount, degree)

      how high are you prepared to bid? ¿hasta cuánto estás dispuesto a pujar / ofrecer?
      • she stands high in my esteem / estimation la tengo en gran estima

    • 2.2(in cards)

      to go high jugar una carta alta
      • to lead high salir con una carta alta
      • to play high jugar fuerte