Translation of high street in Spanish:

high street

calle principal, n.



  • 1

    (in village, small town)
    calle principal feminine
    calle mayor feminine Spain
    • They want to prevent more serious injuries, following a spate of low-speed accidents in high streets throughout the country.
    • A campaign to save local shops and businesses in the high streets of Scotland's towns will be launched this week.
    • There are few high streets in any town which do not have their coffee shops.
    • Whilst out shopping in my local high street I glanced through the window of the newly opened gym.
    • The business located its stores in busy high streets in an effort to attract new customers and in contrast to traditional motor retailers which tend to position themselves on the fringes of towns.
  • 2

    the high street el comercio minorista
    • before noun the high-street banks los grandes bancos
    • The retailer specialises in ‘affordable fashion’ for the high-street market.
    • I would never now buy high-street jeans, although I do still go to Topshop for some colour block T-shirts, and I pick up the odd belt in Gap.
    • A dermatology professor I know maintains that high-street products are often no worse than posh ones, so I would start cheap and work up.
    • International fashion weeks are for showcasing designer talent, and in London, as elsewhere, this means clothes as far as possible from current high-street fashion.
    • A lot of the films I've cited as examples are not films you're likely to find in your high-street video rental chain or in the local multiplex.