Translation of highly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪli//ˈhaɪli/


  • 1

    (to a high degree)
    it's highly probable/unlikely es muy/muy poco probable
    • she's a highly intelligent child es una niña inteligentísima / sumamente inteligente
    • his methods are highly unconventional sus métodos son muy poco ortodoxos
    • highly dangerous peligroso en extremo
    • highly educated muy culto
    • our highly trained/skilled workforce nuestra mano de obra altamente capacitada/calificada
    • food that is too highly spiced/seasoned comida excesivamente condimentada/sazonada
    • she praised him highly lo puso por las nubes
    • he's highly esteemed/respected by his colleagues sus colegas lo tienen en gran estima/lo respetan mucho
    • On one side the tiles are broken and the steps into the pool are loose and highly dangerous.
    • It is highly unusual for an elephant to give birth to more than one baby at a time.
    • Even exposure to relatively low levels of this highly poisonous gas can cause brain damage or death.
    • If you have read this far I am highly surprised, but extremely grateful for your perseverance.
    • I go out for a meal with colleagues that evening and they think it's highly amusing.
    • If rock stars, actors and footballers can behave like that then why not highly paid city dealers?
    • He suggested that this was a highly unusual step for an historian to take.
    • Although this position has been criticized, it seems highly unlikely that it will be altered.
    • The election in June is highly significant and is key to the future of this district.
    • The young Frenchman was not highly educated, but enthusiastic and hard working.
    • They say that the joint project between a businessman and an academic is highly unusual and could even be a first.
    • It was not unusual for highly intelligent men to be attracted to cults or sects, she said.
    • His tenure as chief executive is regarded as a highly successful one so far.
    • She was a very remarkable young woman, highly intelligent with a string of As and Bs at GCSE.
    • In order to quash these rumours the company took the highly unusual step of issuing an official denial.
    • He was one of the most successful pianists of his era, and certainly the most highly paid.
    • It is only wise to seek advice from experts, especially on highly specialised subjects.
    • The choice of subject was highly significant, for it reflected his own tragic childhood.
    • She said she did not blame the driver, but felt the junction was highly dangerous.
    • This was especially the case for highly skilled workers but it was not confined to them.
  • 2

    his boss speaks/thinks very highly of him su jefe habla muy bien/tiene muy buena opinión de él
    • I can't recommend her highly enough la recomiendo sin ninguna reserva
    • he came to us highly recommended vino con excelentes recomendaciones
    • While he values you very highly, he's in no position to rekindle your love affair.
    • She had no idea just how highly her husband was regarded until he died at the age of 83.
    • The teachers thought very highly of her and said she was a pleasure to teach.
    • He also thinks extremely highly of the Arabs, both as individuals and people.
    • Allied naval commanders had a great respect for him, but he was not so highly thought of by some of his colleagues.
    • Perhaps the most extraordinary thing to be thrown up is just how highly regarded Woods is by most of his peers.
    • We have got some highly regarded players in the league and the standards have risen.
    • I rate Taylor very highly, and I believe there are two great positives from this signing.
    • Rosemary speaks highly of the nurses and doctors who looked after her there.
    • He is very popular with his colleagues and highly regarded by senior officers.
    • Armand is a well known producer and is highly regarded in amateur dramatics circles.
    • A month went by and Angel came to regard Shane as highly as she did her best friends.
    • He's a screenwriter and apparently is very highly regarded in the industry.
    • They were a highly regarded rock band in their time, and partook of a certain degree of fame.
    • He was a devoted soldier who had pride in whatever he did and was highly regarded by those around him.
    • Nicholas is a popular, highly regarded actor who has been a star and a household name for several decades.
    • Now this memoir is very highly regarded but at the time it caused controversy.
    • Gough is among the most decorated and highly regarded Scottish players of his generation.
    • Tseng himself is a highly regarded poet who has won many national literary prizes.
    • It is true he polarises people, but where I am from he is highly regarded by the community.
  • 3

    (at a high rate)
    a highly paid job un trabajo muy bien pagado / remunerado
  • 4

    (in a high position)
    a highly placed official un alto cargo