Translation of hightail in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪteɪl//ˈhaɪˌteɪl/

transitive verb


  • 1

    to hightail it (hurry, speed) ir / salir como bólido(s) informal
    • We nosed and drifted until it was time to hightail back to Hortobágy village for the bull market.
    • He started swearing at me at top volume and I changed directions and hightailed it down 3rd St. toward home.
    • Right after the 11 p.m. news window, with Tookie still alive, the camera crews hightailed it out of there.
    • Then my endorphin rush wore off and I hightailed it home, groaning in pain.
    • After she got the check from his parents she hightailed out of town and never looked back.
    • A supertanker, bulldozing down right behind us, blasted her bullhorn and sent us hightailing it back toward the shoreline.
    • It was fairly well known that Goldberg was hightailing it as well, so the original outcome had to be reworked.
    • But they didn't draw their swords, oh no, they hightailed out of there like a dog with his tail between his legs.
    • ‘I'm very proud of where I'm from,’ he said in 1963, two years after he'd hightailed out.
    • She said she had planned on hightailing it to the cheap seats, but a police officer caught her arm.
    • Well, he sure did look surprised at my honesty, but, thank goodness, he wasn't hightailing out that door.
    • Before Celia even had a chance to speak, the young man suddenly whirled about and hightailed down the hallway.
    • So I hightailed it back inside where I would be dry and not in danger of lightning.
    • As soon as we finished setting up our tent, we hightailed it to the main strip.
    • I can hightail it out of there, so she doesn't have to face me.
    • Then I hightailed across town to see ‘King of Stains’ at Bats, where Gibby played the most unlikeable character ever, and so well!
    • If only they'd all just hightailed to summery Alaska, or even their neighbourhood 24-hour 7-11, they might have been spared.
    • Normally everyone else would have hightailed away from her.
    • Suddenly, the mouse hightailed it out from under the keyboard and went back over the backside of the desk.
    • But even then, most people and businesses didn't hightail it to Kansas.