Translation of hijack in Spanish:


secuestrar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪdʒak//ˈhaɪˌdʒæk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle/aircraft) secuestrar
    a large consignment of whisky hijacked from a truck un gran cargamento de whisky robado de un camión
    • Police today revealed a lorry hijacked by a gang of armed robbers has been found with its £1million load of electrical equipment still intact.
    • I've hijacked your car and forced you to drive me to Florida.
    • Armed men hijack the vehicle when Dr. Quest is away, taking Race and Jonny to an underwater base.
    • The Consortium is attempting to label you as a deranged rogue who hijacked an armed ship.
    • Their Subaru car was hijacked by the armed gang while returning to Charleroi last Friday prior to the start of the Bianchi Rally in Belgium.
    • This is a threat greater than hijacking or suicide hijacking an aircraft.
    • You can snatch weapons from your enemies' hands and hijack their all-new vehicles.
    • A dangerous armed thief, who hijacked a car in Egham, and committed a further six offences, has been jailed for six-and-a-half-years.
    • In the end, they hijacked commercial aircrafts without detection or interdiction.
    • There, using a mock Boeing aircraft, he claimed he was taught how to smuggle guns onto aircraft and how to hijack an aircraft.
    • In a separate incident in the tribal areas yesterday, gunmen hijacked an official van and took hostage its two occupants.
    • The crew decides to return to Earth to face charges from Starfleet Command related to hijacking their own ship.
    • It involves chasing and seizing a supposedly hijacked ship and rescuing its crew members.
    • It took us three days by bullock cart to reach Delhi and there was no point in hijacking that vehicle.
    • They hijacked vehicles, even UN convoys, and staged kidnappings for ransom.
    • Why go to all the trouble of hijacking the ship and then leave the cargo at the warehouse?
    • In court, Huckerby, of Clifton Road, was said to have taken a £1,000 bribe to let the gang hijack his vehicle.
    • So I hijacked the ship of the guy who kidnapped me.
    • A 29-year-old Italian former policeman was arrested yesterday after attempting to hijack an aircraft for the second time in three years.
    • She remembered the war, which was thrust upon her father, King Dahir, just because some pirates had hijacked a ship belonging to the Caliph.
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    (policies/ideas) apropiarse de
    • Rational voices are drowned out and extremists are all too willing to hijack the debate.
    • He completely hijacks the conversation with streams of consciousness, which are very amusing but very self-protective.
    • He has grasped the fact that it is absurd for conservatives to have allowed issues of conservationism to be hijacked by the left.
    • Here a place with hardly a history hijacks a past.
    • We should not let racist organisations hijack our national flag.
    • ‘Looks-wise, you're perfect,’ Craigy-boy said, hijacking an interview with the Mirror and using it as an open address to the actress.
    • He has been slowly hijacking the machinery of government and developing parallel non-democratic governance structures.
    • The public power belongs to everyone and when majorities hijack it for sectarian purposes they act oppressively.
    • The word ‘filibuster’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘pirate,’ and that is exactly what the filibuster does; it hijacks the democratic process.
    • Mr. Kanthan does not want to discuss the script lest somebody hijacks it and makes the movie.
    • It also helps to prevent the discussion being hijacked suddenly by a questioner in a totally different direction.
    • It hijacks the universalism of justice to serve partisan ideological ends.
    • Sun Green cleverly hijacks the media with her own message to become a leader of a new youth movement.
    • Tonight's quote is from the California Congressman who accused the Ninth Circuit Court of hijacking the electoral process.
    • If the WTO is to be a democratic institution, it must not allow its green room to be hijacked by a few.
    • Where Pringle is even-handed in showing how extremists have hijacked the debate over GM food, Nestle is an unapologetic partisan.


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    secuestro masculine