Translation of hilt in Spanish:


empuñadura, n.

Pronunciation /hɪlt//hɪlt/


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    empuñadura feminine
    puño masculine
    • Veon frowned but said nothing, his hand gripping the hilt of his sword tightly.
    • Thron followed, and both kept loose grips on the hilts of their swords.
    • He firmly gripped the hilt of his long sword and shouted brief words of refusal.
    • Angel gripped the hilt of the dagger, still not certain whether he was friend or foe.
    • Quad's hands gripped sword hilts, cueing Mack to bring his rifle to a firing position.
    • His left hand grasped the hilt of his sword and his right hand tightened at his side.
    • Lodge put his sunglasses on and stood up, his hand gripped around the hilt of his weapon.
    • He grasped the handle of the shield and the hilt of the sword, and felt himself being pushed along.
    • His hands were steady, and his grip strong on the hilt of his sword.
    • I let the arrow fly just as Blaise gripped the hilt of her knife and it landed solidly in the wooden sign.
    • Her left hand closed around an invisible scabbard and her right hand clutched the hilt of a sword.
    • Hanging at her waist, the hilt of a dagger protruded from its lacquered wooden scabbard.
    • The five members of the Black Handles had their hands placed on the hilts of their swords or daggers.
    • The last thing Jack remembered was gripping the hilt of his sword before he was knocked out.
    • Some clutched the hilts of their swords, others dirks or bows.
    • He replied, his stance changing, his left hand firmly gripping the hilt of his sword.
    • She had a tight grip on the hilt of her sword and it tightened with every punch Hawk received.
    • His hand griped the hilt of his sword, the blade drawn but down so the point traced a line in the snow.
    • She gripped the weapon by its hilt and its sheathe and carefully lifted it down from its hooks.
    • They saw Rurik shift his grip on his sword hilt and Banor stretch his right arm, ready to use magic.