Translation of himself in Spanish:


Pronunciation /hɪmˈsɛlf//hɪmˈsɛlf/


  • 1

    he cut himself se cortó
    • he only thinks of himself solo piensa en sí mismo
    • he was by himself estaba solo
    • very strange, he thought to himself —muy raro —pensó para sí / para sus adentros
    • he was talking to himself estaba hablando solo
    • Buddha referred to himself as a healer and his teachings as a course of treatment.
    • The ethical subject is portrayed as one who regards himself as a goal, a task set.
    • Maybe he saw himself as the persecuted Bard, the subject of one of his large canvases.
    • Caught up in his subject and unable to stop himself, he read us more excerpts from the book.
    • Within hours, realising that he may have gone too far, the victim handed himself in.
    • He dismissed the idea of introducing himself to her and was just about to leave when she spoke.
    • Is he daunted by the prospect of entering the nostalgic hearts of a new generation himself?
    • Darren blames himself for not telling his parents that Demi and Leo were running away.
    • In this case the subject of the spell literally worries himself or herself to death.
    • He always said to himself that animals should be regarded much more highly than humans.
    • It would do him good to learn how to cook a few meals himself, but she enjoys catering for him, as she did for us.
    • Even on the other side of the world, Christopher finds himself under siege by fans.
    • The subject matter is Christ revealing himself to two of his disciples at a supper.
    • When he came home by himself, Mum would have me looking out the window, watching for him.
    • Ruffini used group theory in his work but he had to invent the subject for himself.
    • Yet again Brosnan has shown himself to be tougher than his male model looks suggest.
    • He decided that he did not want to subject himself to the strain and reluctantly withdrew.
    • He was introducing himself to the town council as the new Chief Inspector for the area.
    • He introduced himself to me by the punch table, and we have remained friends ever since.
    • We saw each other again at the finish line and the amputee introduced himself as Jim Bonney.
  • 2

    (emphatic use)
    él mismo
    he told me so himself me lo dijo él mismo
    • here's the man himself aquí está él en persona
    • Pliny himself announces that he will give us only the most important vine varieties.
    • It is a great privilege to minister to people whose next step is to stand before the Lord himself.
    • At the heart of the conflict lay the policies and personality of the King himself.
    • The architect himself often speaks about how his life has been shaped by war and suffering.
    • He said on one occasion the Prince of Wales himself had offered to give a gold wedding ring to staff.
    • He himself was suffering from personal stress when he gave evidence, as he told me.
    • Rameau himself saw his theoretical writings as the most important part of his work.
    • Although most people took him to be black, he himself knew that he was not black.
    • He also agreed that he himself had hit people before in the same way and they had not been injured.
  • 3

    (normal self)
    he's not himself no es el de siempre