Translation of hindmost in Spanish:


posterior, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪn(d)moʊst//ˈhʌɪn(d)məʊst/



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    postrero literary
    • With a large mouth the hindmost part of the mouth is slightly to the rear of the eye.
    • Predictably, they went for the latter with what is now the ten metres back restriction at the lineout and the hindmost foot offside law.
    • While Krebs walked forward to take the offered copilot's seat, the Leader chose the three hindmost seats and motioned Bormann to follow him.
    • The final event was the elimination race commonly known as ‘devil takes the hindmost.’
    • But then, in the end, wasn't all life just another kind of probationary death sentence, with the devil taking the hindmost?
    • Perhaps the kitchen here is so focused on elaborate concepts and presentation that important basics are hindmost.
    • In one scene, we can see the absent characters from the knees down behind the hindmost wall, while others, unfortunately fully visible, perform in front.
    • What was once the hindmost part of each cylinder thus becomes the forward-facing tip.
    • So far flung from the guard of authority, it is in the hindmost district of the universe.