Translation of hinge in Spanish:


bisagra, n.

Pronunciation /hɪn(d)ʒ//hɪndʒ/

nounPlural hinges

  • 1

    (of door, window, gate) bisagra feminine
    (of door, window, gate) gozne masculine
    (of box, lid) bisagra feminine
    to take a door off its hinges sacar una puerta de sus goznes
    • She put a finger to her lips toward him, and then quietly pushed the door open on well-oiled hinges.
    • The fanfare began, and the elaborate gold embroidered doors opened, the hinges creaking from the weight.
    • Bruth swung the door open on its hinge, and followed Kaltag outside.
    • The door with different hinges opened suddenly, revealing Armand and behind him a stone spiral staircase leading upwards.
    • With a slow creaking of hinges, the door opened to admit cold air and a midnight visitor.
    • Alice closed the door almost all the way but had to stop as she heard the front door swing open on squeaky hinges.
    • The door squeaked on its hinges and opened to a musty hall.
    • The device covers the gap created on a door hinge when it is open and prevents fingers being trapped in the door.
    • He stroked the metal surface, and not knowing how it all happened, slowly caused the door to swing on its hinges and open.
    • The door stood open, its hinges and locking mechanisms smashed.
    • He was surprised to see the house as it was; curtains flying all over the place, doors swinging on their hinges.
    • Gloriana pointed to the window swinging open on its hinge.
    • He flipped the hinge and the door opened, revealing several small boxes.
    • I threw the weight of my body against the door and forced it to swing open on its hinges.
    • He had only time to back away before the thick wooden doors swung open, hinges protesting loudly.
    • Eventually, the creaky hinges swung open with a younger, brown haired, freckled boy standing just inside, looking at me.
    • There was a knock on my door, and it swung open on its hinges.
    • As Teta carefully pulled the double doors open, their hinges squeaked loudly.
    • It swung open on oiled hinges to reveal two rooms.
    • The door swung off the hinges and landed on the floor with a crash, exposing 3 Nazi officials.
  • 2

    (of shell)
    charnela feminine
    before noun hinge joint charnela feminine
    • A good analog of the decrescent side is the interarea of brachiopods or the hinge area of bivalves.
    • Your elbow joints are simple hinges, and they can bend only one way and on a direct line.
    • The hinge ligament of bivalve shell is an example of a complex development.
    • Dr. Borje Walldius in Sweden replaced knees in 1953 with a simple hinge joint but knees are complex and these replacements often loosened.
    • With pushdowns, make sure the only things moving are your forearms via the hinge joint at your elbows.
  • 3

    (in philately)
    fijasellos masculine
    bisagra feminine

intransitive verbhinged, hinging, hinges

  • 1

    to hinge on sth (depend) depender de algo
    • it all hinges on her decision todo depende de su decisión
    • Indemnity hinges upon the principal continuing in business and exploiting the agent's connection.
    • Now the government is drafting an update on the progress made, on which hinges the next loan disbursement of $400 million.
    • The success of the Raiders hinges largely on the performance of their reconfigured defensive line.
    • Any innovator will tell you that success hinges less on getting everything right than on how you handle getting things wrong.
    • The famous device of conflict upon which all stories are supposed to hinge starts within the writer.
    • Selling is a strange phenomenon because being successful financially in this industry hinges upon your individual performance.
    • While the success of government hinges largely on programming, governance depends on relationship building.
    • However, no one is asking the fundamental question on which everything hinges: Why?
    • Your emotions are hinged upon how this guy treats you.
    • This is when you are working to build the basic frame on which to hinge your life.

transitive verbhinged, hinging, hinges

  • 1

    to hinge sth on / to sth unir algo a algo con bisagras
    • the flaps are hinged to the wing of the aircraft los alerones están unidos por bisagras al ala del avión